LYNETTE EASON - BIO: I'm a homeschooling mom by day and a writer by night. Sometimes I get to write during the day, but most often the writing time comes at night and you can find me whacking away at the keyboard of a contrary laptop. (So ready to break down and get a new one. Unfortunately, my checking account cringes at the thought.)

Anyway, if you love to read suspense, this is a great place to find a few good books. I write for Harlequin's Love Inspired Steeple Hill Suspense Line and for Revell.

When I'm not writing, I love talking about writing and teaching/mentoring new and promising writers. I also love to meet new people.
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Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

No, I just kind of stumbled upon the fact that I liked to write in High School and college. But it wasn’t until after I was married and with a small child that I actually sat down and wrote my first book.

How did you start your writing career?

I finished a manuscript. Seriously. I think that’s the first step toward starting a writing career. You can read all the writing books you want, but until you actually sit down and start pounding out the story, it’s only then that you’ll learn. The more you write and get feedback, the more you’ll learn.

Has being an author been everything you thought it would be? If not, what has surprised you the most?

Being an author has been an incredible journey. One that will hopefully continue until I die. LOL.

Can you tell me of TWO WOW moments you’ve had since being published?

1) My first fan letter that didn’t come from a relative or someone who’d watch me grow up. I can’t describe it. Absolutely amazing that someone who didn’t even know me, read my book and liked it well enough to email and tell me so.

2) Another fan letter who said my book really brought home to her something she’d been struggling with. The fact that God loves us no matter what. That was just amazing. I nearly started crying I was so blessed by this. Because that’s why I write. I want people to see God in my books and have their lives changed for the better because of that.

Can you give us a sneak peek into what you’re working on right now? What is the title and when do you expect it to come out?

Right now, I am writing two books. The last contracted book for Revell and one for Steeple Hill. I don’t have the official title for the Revell book, but I’ve named it ONE BY ONE. It doesn’t currently have a release date, but probably sometime around the beginning of 2011. It’s about a serial killer who is targeting the local law school college students. He has a reason and an agenda, but my hero and heroine are going nuts trying to figure out the connection.

In the Steeple Hill book, PROTECTIVE CUSTODY – due out in September 2010, my heroine is the sister of the hero from A SILENT PURSUIT (11/09). Carly Masterson is a Deputy US Marshal assigned to protect Judge Nicholas Floyd who has been receiving death threats. Neither one of them thinks they are romantically suited for the other—and yet they can’t seem to stop themselves from falling in love with each other.

What three things are you most thankful for in your life that others might think silly?

A reliable computer. A flash drive. Duke Power.

Too Close To Home is a new book soon to be out published by Revell. How was this writing experience different than you’ve experienced writing for Steeple Hill? Harder? Easier?

Writing for Steeple Hill was a dream come true. When I got that call from Krista Stroever, I was insane with joy. I cannot even begin to describe it. Writing for Steeple Hill is tough, though. It’s very, very difficult. Fortunately, the editors at Steeple Hill are very, very good at their jobs and know exactly what their readers want. It’s up to the editors to make sure the authors deliver which requires a lot of edits. That can be really frustrating, but I have to admit that the final product is usually worth it.

The reader letters confirm this, so…I go with the flow when it comes to Steeple Hill. So, saying that, writing for Revell has been a joy, too. I can’t say writing for one is easier than the other. Writing is hard work no matter who you write for. However, with Revell, I have more flexibility, less revisions, etc. And as long as both publishers keep buying, I’ll keep writing!

In Too Close To Home your writing about a FBI case were teens are turning up dead, what kind of research did you do?

I did A LOT of research. I mostly had to make sure my police procedure and computer stuff was accurate. That was TOUGH! Fortunately, I had my yahoo crimescenewriter group to rely on for a lot of the questions I had. They’re a fabulous resource. I also had a police officer friend of mine read it and give me feedback. That was invaluable. Was your book based on any true live stories? Nope, it all came straight from my very active and scary imagination. If so, how did you deal with that?

What fascinates you about writing murder mysteries? What do you hope to show in writing these books?

I’m fascinated by the twists and turns. The technology used to solve crimes, the brainpower that goes on behind the scenes, the twisted way a killer thinks. Just everything. First and foremost, I’m a story teller. I want to write the best rockin’ good suspense story around so that the reader can’t put the book down without turning at least one more page, then just one more, and MAYBE just one more. Until before he/she knows it, the book is finished—and it’s four in the morning. Second, I want the reader to take away the fact that God love him/her. So many people have so many bad things happen to them and the love of God can feel very distant. I hope that in reading my stories, in reading about things that will probably NEVER happen to them or anyone they know, they can still parallel the fact that God was with the characters throughout and that through that, He gave them victory over evil. I want the readers to go, “Wow. Maybe God could do that in my life.” If/when that happens, I’ll have done what I set out to do when I wrote the book.


What movie most impacted you as a kid?

The Sound of Music. Why?

I loved the drama, the kids the family, the history. Everything about it just had the “wow” factor me. I’m not really sure why. I still watch it and sing along whenever my kids have it playing. In fact, I used to watch it so much that my grandmother finally told my parents she refused to babysit unless they hid that movie from me for the duration of her stay.

If you had 48 hours to hang out with any TWO people (besides Jesus), alive or dead in the history of the world who would you hang out with and what would you do?

Dee Henderson because I just think she’s the coolest ever and I would love to just sit by a fire somewhere and exchange writing stories, plot ideas and everything else you could think of.

The second person I would choose would be my grandmother who’s now deceased. I’ve in SC all my life and she lived in TX. I just didn’t get to spend enough time with her as a child or an adult. She was always encouraging and loved to hear from any time I got a chance to talk or write, but it wasn’t the same as spending time with her. I wish I could go back and have a “do-over” with her.

You find yourself in a life threatening situation (kind of like in your books HA! Ha!), and you need someone to save you, who do you pick?

My husband because he’s my hero.

What are your two favorite places to shop?

Online and online.

If money isn’t an object what is your favorite place to eat breakfast and dinner?

Sticky Fingers! It’s a barbecue restaurant in Greenville, about thirty minutes from where I live.

What would you order? A combo plate of a pulled pork barbeque sandwich and ribs with extra Carolina Sweet Barbeque sauce slathered all over it, a baked potato and green beans. Ooooh, yum! Going there Friday night for my brother’s birthday!

Someone has given you access to a time machine and you can go back and visit event in the history of the world, what event would you experience?

The birth of Jesus. Why? Can you imagine anything more Holy? To be there and witness it would be amazing. I don’t think there would be words to describe it.

What was the last movie you saw in a theatre?

The latest 3-D kid movie, I’m sure. Can’t remember which one. I think it had a mouse in it.

**Maybe it was the movie G-Force. They had undercover, super spy guiene pigs in it. It was high action adventure film.**

Did you like it?

Not particularly. Watching 3-D movies gives me a headache. LOL. But I do it because my kids love it and it lets me spend time with them.

What snacks did you eat?

I know for a fact we ate before we went. I REFUSE to buy anything in a theatre. It’s bad enough I’m paying $40 for a family of 4 to see a movie (3-D ones are EXTRA!), but buying a $10 bucket of popcorn is out of the question. IF, however, we go to the dollar movie (now the TWO dollar movie), then I might cave and buy some popcorn (I do love that stuff). But if you get thirsty, you have to find the water fountain. Sorry.

***AMEN to that Lynette. It's crazy to spend more money on the snacks then it cost you to pay to see the movie in the first place!! Crazy!! ****

You’ve just found a magic lamp and the genie has granted you three wishes. What are your three wishes?

1. For Jesus to go ahead and come on back.
2. To have enough money to share with everyone who needed some.
3. To be skinny again.

What TV shows were you most passionate about as a kid? You know the ones that you couldn’t miss each week?

Oh man, I LOVED Little House on the Prairie, Magnum, P.I. and Simon and Simon. Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley, The Bionic Woman, The Bionic Man. Goodness, I could go on and on.

If you could live anywhere on the planet where would you live?

In the mountains of North Carolina.


Because it just seems soooo peaceful.


Thank you SO MUCH for having me as a guest. I appreciate it! And thank you for being so patient with me in answering these questions. LOL.

I love to talk writing with anyone who’s interested and I love to hear what people think about my books. Please feel free to contact me at or I’m generally online several times during the day, so will answer emails pretty quick.

God Bless and Happy Reading!


Thanks Lynette for stopping by and letting us get to know you and your books better.I'm really looking forward to reading the new books you have coming out soon. Remember if you’re ever in Atlanta you’ll have to stop by!!

All the Best to you in your writing adventures Lynette.
Nora :D

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    Thanks Lynette for letting us get to know you and your books better.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Cheri Japp you are the winner of a signed copy of Lynette's book A Silent Terror.

    Blessings to you Lynette on your writing adventures.

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