JOYCE MEYER -REVIEWED - A Life of Redempton and Destiny

By Richard Young
Published by: Whitaker House
ISBN: 978-1603741125
185 Pages

Biography of Joyce Meyer

REVIEWED: I've seen and heard Joyce Meyer speak on TV and radio. She is a passionate, confident and powerful speaker. An opportunity came to get a review copy of her biography and I quickly signed up to read about this very charasmatic women.

I had read The Penny, a novel she co-wrote with Deborah Bedford that touched on Joyce's childhood and how she accepted the Lord. This biography goes a little deeper into Joyce's horrific childhood. The acount of this time in her life was heartbreaking and a little hard to read and believe someone could live through so much at such a tender age.

Joyce Meyers birth name was Pauline Joyce Hutchinson. There family called her Joyce. Here's what the author says about Joyces name.

"First Joyce was a name from the middle ages originally given only to men. Second, it was eventually made popular as a women's name because of it's meaning: "one who rejoices."

Joyce Meyers had an unthinkable childhood no one would survive without an intervention from God! Now knowing where Joyce came from and what she has overcome it's amazing to see her walk with confidence and joy only a life healed by the touch of Jesus could rediate. In this biography you can see how God took the circumstances of Joyce's life and made beauty out of ashes. He uses the very thing enemy meant to destroy us to encourage and comfort those who have been through the same thing or worse.

The enemy tried to use horrible circumstances to rob, destroy and kill Joyce at a young age. God who has overcome this world, used these circumstances to touch the broken hearted, to give hope to the hopeless and so much more. You can see Jesus through Joyce Meyers life and how God has given her the courage and strength to be more than a conquer through Christ Jesus. This is one powerful, encouraging story you'll definately want to read!

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator

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  1. I am almost finished reading "The Penny". It has touched me so much and now even more to learn it is about Joyce's life. I once had a friend who was a victim of incest and since reading this book, I have to wonder how many children are living this horrible life all around us!
    Thanks to Joyce for sharing what God has done in her life.

    Suwanee, GA