I had the honor of posting the 12 Days BEFORE Christmas, which included some really special stories taken from this book. It touched me to read about how these women of God dealt honestly with the unexpected events in life. Here's my review.


Compiled by Margaret Mc Sweeny
Published By: Moody Publishers
208 Pages

Back Cover: When a grain of sand becomes embedded in an oyster's flesh, the creature experiences pain. But from the pain is born a shining white gem. Offering the pearl as a metaphor, Shaunti Feldhahn, Melody Carson, Robin Jones Gunn, and others show how God uses life's gritty circumstances to craft us into Christ's beautiful image.

Review: Read Margaret McSweeny words as she describes this book, “Perhaps you have heard the story of the oyster that unexpectedly gets a piece of sand stuck inside it’s shell. Nacre coats this irritant and creates a pearl. Like the oyster, we encounter unexpected grit in our every day lives”... illness, loss, disappointment, pain changes…and the list goes on. However God’s nacre of love and grace covers our pain and transforms us into precious pearls. Pearl Girls!

....As women, we are connected through our shared experiences. Together we create an iridescent pearl necklace. With the demands and stress of everyday life, many women become secluded and disconnected from one another and from God!...The ladies in this book and I connect to make a difference in the world." All proceeds from this book go to two charities.

This is a very unique and special book that gathers authors I’ve seen on the book shelf at my job, and some I've interviewed or reviewed their book on my blog. It was very sobering to read many of these authors’ stories. I’m so thankful to have received a review copy of this book. The stories in this book are honest, heartfelt and inspirational. More proof that we are all a work in progress. God does His best work in our lives in times of troubles within the community and the body of Christ!

Elizabeth Musser states in her story, “I truly believe that God never wastes the pain in our lives…Pain called me to God and made me completely dependent on Him. God gave me the strength to carry on!”, author of The Swan House.

Robin Jones Gunn, author best know for the Sister Chicks series said, “Yes, my life capsized. But I was being carried along on the unforced rhythm of God’s grace.”

Many of the authors in Pearl Girls share their struggles and some very personal situations they encountered. I loved how vulnerable and honest their stories were and how they acted or reacted in having to trust God completely in their crisis! God deals with us and loves us in a very personal way. He is involved in every detail of our lives; these stories show this in a real way.

Melody Carlson said,“God was there…like a lifeline, He was holding my hand, I clung to God’s hand like I’d never clung before. I knew that without Him, I would drown-simply to escape the pain.”

You’ll be encouraged as you read these stories. I was!

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator


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