Raising Rain
By Debbie Fuller Thomas
Published by: Moody Publishers
ISBN# 978-0-8024-8734-6
327 Pages

Back Cover: Jude, Toni, Bebe, and Mare make an interesting quad. First joined toge3ther as college roommates in the 70s, their memories consist of antiwar protests and tumultuous times—and Rain, the baby Jude bore but whom Babe loved. Now as Jude, their ever-feminist friend, fades in her fight against cancer, they reunite for a celebration of Life weekend in Monterey.

But what’s to celebrate? Rain, the “new woman” they all helped raise, is now in her thirties and back on her own after her longing of a baby sent her boyfriend packing.

REVIEW: I’m thankful I received this book as a gift. Debbie Fuller Thomas brings up some issues that were fought for in the 70s. Jude, the main character, was a leader in the feminist movement then, looking for things to protest. Jude was part of the free-love era and when she became pregnant; she named her baby Rainbow Star, then decided to raise her without a man. She lived with a group of women who all decided to help raise Rain.

All goes well until Rain is all grown up and wants answers from her mother before she dies. She says to her mother Jude, “Who’s my father?”

“He was nobody, I decided you didn’t need a father...It just worked out that we were able to arrange our schedules and share the duties of raising you. Sort of like a commune. Those were very popular in the early seventies.”

Jude raised Rain and the woman in her apartment community, to be self sufficient. You don’t need men - they will hurt you every time, Jude told them. They believed the lies then, and they stayed because of Rain. Jude was tough and didn’t let anyone inside her heart, not even her daughter.

Rain decides that she wants a baby. But instead of creating a baby in a loving relationship, she looks to doctors and treatments. She is not getting any younger, and the boyfriend she’s been living with, just left when he found out her plans to get pregnant.

Jude is insistent on one last hurrah—one last protest-rally they can do together for the common good. She is demanding a Celebration of Life event. The women unite for a weekend to talk about this and the sparks fly. How did they ever live together for six years raising Rain? Yes, Rain had brought them all together for the common good. She still was. Did any of them have room in their heart or lives for God? Was He too, an enemy? You’ll have to read this book to see how it all turns out.

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator
CFOM Columinst

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  1. This sounds like a really great book--very thought-provoking. Thanks for the review!