Today Matters
John Maxwell
Warner Faith
302 pages

Most people are familiar with John Maxwell as a leadership expert and motivational speaker for business, but his book, Today Matters, is excellent advice for anyone at any stage in life whether in business or not. It is a simple concept, but sometimes we need to be reminded that today really does matter. This book is full of wisdom of how to focus on what matters most to you and have a more fulfilling life.

Each chapter covers one of twelve principles to be practiced daily to guarantee tomorrow’s success. He uses his own experiences to describe the principles, like values, relationships, finances, and faith. He readily shares his own struggles and victories as well as lots of inspiring stories of public figures who exemplify the daily practices Maxwell has chosen to implement in his own life and recommends to us. A former pastor, Maxwell bases all his advice on scripture
Included in the book are questions and exercises to help you learn to apply the principles in your own life. Maxwell’s enthusiasm is definitely motivating. I have even shared portions of the book with my teenage son to help form his way of thinking and prioritizing early in life. Much of the book reads like short biographical sketches and is very entertaining as it teaches. In a fast-paced world where the urgent often crowds out the important, John Maxwell has provided good advice in a stream-lined, organized way. What we do today matters.

Reviewed by The Page Turner

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  1. I'll have to go get it soon! I've enjoyed his other books.