1. In out technologically savvy world, internet dating has gone from taboo to main stream. Why was it important to include this popular dating method in *Screen Play*?

Screen Play is a story about Harper Gray, a 31 year old actress living in Chicago who spends a year “unemployed and unloved” before landing the role of a lifetime as understudy to Broadway’s biggest diva. But that’s only part of the story. I wanted to explore ideas and circumstances that will resonate with many of us. Loneliness, the loss of a dream, singleness, unemployment, those feelings we all have when the bottom falls out and nothing is going right. Screen Play is a story about God being there in the midst of all life’s challenges, how He hears and answers prayers, and why His plan is always perfect.

From the viewpoint of a novelist, the internet dating world is fascinating. We’ve become connected to one another in our relationships via text messages, Facebook, emails, and the internet. Because being loved is so essential for everyone, I wanted to tell the story of one woman hoping to fall in love in New York, but finding the one God has for her faraway on the other coast. It creates a fast paced adventure and love story that readers are already saying they loved getting swept away by.

2. As a best-selling Author, you know what it's like to catch your big break. How has your experiences with success and brokenness reflected in this book?

Yes, absolutely. Before becoming an author, I spent time in South Florida which turned out to be a definite low point in my life. Unemployed for months, cash-strapped, and lonely, my car broke down and my student loan became due at the same time. I remember laying in bed and just feeling so low. I knew God could change my situation, but I didn’t know what His plans were. I believe He was using that season to refine me. God is always in the refining business. Like a Potter working on fractured lumps of clay, He sets Himself about the business of molding and shaping us into the people He wants us to be. Sometimes that process means smooshing the clay, meaning us, against the Potter’s wheel and starting over.

3. Congratulations on your recent marriage to author, Christa Parrish. You mention in your acknowledgements: "Christa..for allowing Him to inspire her to slip a silly little card into a package with her book that started our brand-new adventure." I suspect you have a special story to tell of how you met Christa. Can you tell us that story?

We can’t wait to tell the story of how God brought us together. Christa actually started that “silly little card” quote with her acknowledgements in Watch Over Me. She mentions the card she sent that started our romantic adventure and inevitable marriage. When we were just acquaintances, she’d sent me a handmade card (women who are into scrap booking know what I’m talking about) when we decided to exchange books with each other. Since we’re both authors, and I write romance that’s been dubbed “Nicholas Sparks with happy endings”, we have definitely talked about writing down our story one day. The “silly little card” refers to the first handmade note she mailed. From our perspective, it’s what started everything. When I opened it, I fell in love with her. I’d only gone to the post office to collect my mail, and left a few minutes later completely in love.

4. Did you have any say in the making the cover of your book Screen Play? Can you describe how that process works? I really like the cover--very eye catching. Almost tells a story in itself.

Amy Kiechlin is the graphic artist responsible for Screen Play’s cover. I’ve been blessed with great covers for my books. Just as a behind the scenes look, publishers will sometimes ask if an author has any image ideas for the book cover. Usually I don’t, but with Screen Play, I thought seeing Harper in a coffee shop with her computer open in front of her, looking out a window in lower Manhattan, blurred taxis speeding by, a theater across the street, would convey all the novel’s central ideas. I just didn’t think having all that in a single image was possible. Amy created a cover that I think is truly amazing. She deserves all the credit for its design.


5. I loved what the assistant manager, Tabby, had to say to encourage Harper who was petrified to go out on stage she says something like this, "You are what you think you are..go out there and do what you've practiced..what you were meant to do. Have you ever been petrified to go on stage, go out speak, and or do a T.V. show etc." Fear can cripple you, even stop you from reaching your full potential--How did you go about facing your fear and that scary situation?

In my other life as a single’s speaker, I walk out on stages in front of an audience all the time. It’s funny, but I actually feel most comfortable on a stage. It’s there I feel an instantaneous connection with people and can tell my stories live and in person. I was recently told that I speak the way my novels read, so hopefully that same encouragement readers experience in my books is there live. My Facebook page says I hope readers experience God’s Presence in the pages of my books. I truly pray that. That whether in written story or speaking, that people will see He is Love and cares deeply for us all. My web site,, has my information on speaking. It’s one of the things I truly love to do.

6. What is your passion? What drives you?

I love writing novels. There are several more I hope God makes a way for: The story of how God brought Christa and I together, a new novel I’m writing called American Star. I think overall my passion is being a communicator. I want to share what I know to be true about God with people who need hope, who need encouragement, or are far away from God (the way Bella does with Harper in Screen Play). People sometimes have preconceived notions about who Jesus is, but haven’t found a comfortable forum yet where they can voice their beliefs. I want everyone far from God to discover how Jesus is the best friend they’ve never known.

7. I know that you talk to and have talked to singles groups about "the importance of living a fulfilling and sustainable community." What does community mean to you? Do singles look at you now that you are married? Do they treat you the same or differently now that you are married?

My viewpoint on community is ever-changing, and even now my current living situation redefines my conceptions of community. Christa and I were talking last night about how there’s a healthy balance between the time a person spends alone and their time with others. I think this is really the starting point for a discussion on community. How much of my life is mine, and how much of it is freely given to a group to whom I’m committed? Everyone understands that down time is necessary for reflection and rest, but to live in any fulfilling and sustainable community asks that we recognize we’re dependent on each other all other time. We need each other’s energy, talents, and abilities and others need our own. Community is incredibly satisfying. It’s God’s design for humanity, but in my opinion, America has “the flu” when it comes to turning ourselves towards one another in committed community. We’re not 100% well. We think of ourselves as individuals first, who “touch” others when we need a boost when we should see the people around us as irreplaceable parts of ourselves. Community is living an other-centered lifestyle to which we are a part and gather the benefits together.

8. When Harper finally gets her big break, she is faced with some very difficult choices. Why is it that huge successes are often accompanied by sacrificial decisions?

Because God’s vision of us is different that our own. In God’s plan, even our successes are put to work as catalysts for change and for our deeper discovery of the love He has for us. God is busy making us into new creations day-by-day at the same time making every believer less like the old version of themselves. He’s perfecting us, and everything we experience, whether it’s His blessing or incredible difficulty, will lead to more maturity and a greater understanding of Him. Family resemblance is His first and greatest intention for us.


1. Please name four of your favorite theatre plays? Did you see any of them life? If so which one.?

The Fantastics, The Lion King, Night of January 16th, and Death of a Salesman. I’ve seen The Lion King on stage as well as other shows, but I once played the lead in the Fantastics in college. It was one of the best experiences and most fun I ever had. Without some real “on stage” experience in theatre, I don’t think I could have written Screen Play.

2. A friend has given you a ticket to use a time machine, you are given the opportunity to witness two events in the history of the world. Which two events would you like to experience?

The Sermon on the Mount and the dawn of the 20th century. More than anything else, I would have liked to have been in the crowd who followed Jesus. I’d like to be there, knowing Christ’s true identity as the Son of God, and I often think about what it was like just being in His Presence.

3. What is a special quality, talent or event you've experienced that would surprise people?

The men who handed me my degree during the graduation ceremony from music school were Beatles producer, George Martin, and Jazz great, Dizzy Gillespie. God is good.

6. What four T.V. shows were you most passionate about as a kid? (you know the shows you just couldn't miss each week?

Growing up, my family watched sports on weekends, an occasional Western with John Wayne on Sundays, and after school, lots of Gilligan’s Island. I don’t remember watching TV at night much. I catch The Biggest Loser sometimes and watch the Food Network now, but that’s about it.

7. What was the last movie you saw at the theatre?

I don’t go to the movies all that often. I did see Avatar over Christmas. I thought the special effects were spectacular. As a Christian, my worship is exclusively reserved to God, and so I’m saddened that James Cameron’s aliens worshipped their Earth, his idea of the highest, most sacred good. As a novelist and a Christian, I want to tell stories of redemption. God is bigger, greater than Earth worship. He created the Earth and everything in it. I want to tell stories of Truth greater than Avatar. The triumphs in film technology are extraordinary, but movies must have the courage to tell Truth. Without it, the story is a total failure, but with Truth films can be the most powerful medium for storytelling.


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Hey Chris; Thanks for dropping by and letting us get to know you and your books better.  I'm looking forward to you and Christa speaking at my book clubs this year. It's going to be a hoot!!

CONGRATS Again on your marriage and writing a home run, heart warming book I totally loved, Screen Play. I can't wait for my book club ladies to read it and then talk to you about it. It's going to be fun.

Blessings to you and Christa.

Nora :D

CONGRATS TO Sharon Stone who has won Screen Play. THANKS to everyone else that stopped by to encourage Chris Coppernoll. I really LOVED this book, I know you will too!!

Hey Chris--THANKS for doing the interview and letting us get a SNEAK PEAK into the NEW book your writing. I can't wait to read it. Let me know so I can tell eveyone when it hits book shelves. Blessings to you and Christa.

Thanks again.

Nora :D

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