I just came home from a Sneak Peak screening of this movie called Letters To God. my heart was touched at the realizm they captured in the film of a families struggle with a boy's fight for his life and all that entails.

Having a special needs child affects everything you do and the people you come in contact with. The boys courage to reach out and give hope to the people around him. He is hopeful and developes a relationship with God through the letters that he writes. He tells a friend you should write letters to God it's like texting your best friend. Try it.

Letters to God is a heart felt, powerful movie from one of the PRODUCERS of  the film Facing the Giants and Fire Proof. These moves were made by Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia but produced by David Nixon Films. The next movie to be made by Sherwood Baptist Church is called COURAGEOUS, releasing in theatres 2011. These are movies with a mission! The mission is fo them to train teams of hope. Training men, women and children to help families that have cancer patients in their lives.

The speaker tonight asked everyone to raise their hands if their lives had been touched by cancer. Practically everyone raised their hands. Then he asked if their was a cancer support group or a cancer ministry in their church all but 3 peoples hands came down.

The film makers want to build a community of HOPE! They asked the question What if your church could truly become known as a community of HOPE?? Wow what a throught.

Inspired by a true story of one boys Letters to God that touched a community. It's about the faith of one boy that changed the lives of many.

Check out the trailer for LETTERS TO GOD

APRIL 9th - IN THEATRES - An honest and Hopeful movie!! You know that Hollywood looks at the number of people that come out to support these types of movies. Make sure that this film has a GREAT showing the first week so that they will stay in the theatres longer!!

You can also check out their website
This film was all too real for me. It does show that it takes only one person to get a fire of hope going.

MOVIE MISSION - The Movement
Letters to God is not just a movie it is a mission—a mission to show people that through prayer and love, hope is spread. In the movie a little boy dealing with cancer writes letters to God. These letters spread hope to his friends and family. Our hope is that through Letters to God, people will be inspired to reach out to God in their own way and find the strength to provide hope to those around them.

You can also TEXT "4HOPE" to 66937 for additional information.



  1. Looks like a great movie. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  2. Oh boy, looks like another tear jerker!!!

  3. this movie was NOT made by Sherwood Baptist Church. It is NOT from the creators of Flywheel, Fireproof and Facing the Giants.

    The next movie from Sherwood is COURAGEOUS coming to theaters in 2011

  4. OK, On top of the Promotion packet it says one of the PRODUCERS of all the above films.

    The were a PRODUCER not the MAKERS of the movie. THANKS for pointing that out and making us aware of their NEXT movie.

    I was confused. Because it lists all of the movies I did. I didn't read the Small print.

    I Can't wait to see their NEXT film too.

    Thanks for posting this correction. I'll make sure I make the changes.


    Nora :D

  5. I must give big applause to David Nixon (the director) for this Excellent movie that will challenge and inspire you. I just watch Letters to God, Takes on the difficult issues of life threatening health issues and how your faith can be challenged and possibly increased by facing the unfacable. I really love this kind of movies.

  6. I loved the movies, Standing Firm and Letters to God! I love your Blog too!