FRANCINE RIVERS NEW book will hit book stores soon. Her Mother's Hope is the first of a two book series from Francine.

QUOTE FROM FRANCINE RIVERS : "My novels always begin with questions I’m having in my own faith walk. In this two-book series I wanted to explore what was the cause of the rift between my mom and grandma. Was it just a simple misunderstanding? Or something deeper?"


From the beloved, best-selling author of Redeeming Love comes a powerful epic that spans continents and generations in an unforgettable story about family and faith, dreams and disappointments, and ultimately the resilience and tenacity of love.

Best-selling author Francine Rivers pens a sweeping and lyrical two-book saga that explores the depths of grace and forgiveness in one of life’s fiercest bonds—the love between mother and daughter.

Near the turn of the twentieth century, fiery Marta Schneider is torn between her father’s declaration that she’ll never be more than a servant and her mother’s encouragement to chase her dreams. Determined to fulfill her mother’s hope, Marta leaves home for a better life. Young and alone, she earns her way with a series of housekeeping and cooking jobs that bring her ever closer to her dream of owning an inn.

Heartbreaking news from home strengthens Marta’s resolve as she moves to England and eventually to Canada. There, she meets handsome Niclas Waltert, a man just as committed as she to forging a better life in a new place. But nothing has prepared her for the sacrifices she must make for marriage and motherhood as she travels first to the Canadian wilderness and finally to the dusty Central Valley of California to raise her family.

Marta’s hope is to give her children a better life, but experience has taught her that only the strong survive. Her tough love is often misunderstood, especially by her oldest daughter, Hildemara Rose, who craves her mother’s acceptance. Amid the drama of World War II, Hildie falls in love and begins a family of her own. But unexpected and tragic events force mother and daughter to face their own shortcomings and the ever-widening chasm that threatens to separate them forever.
I'll be posting an interview with Francine Rivers this month on my blog along with a give away. I will be giving away a hard back copy of "REDEEMING LOVE" an all time Best Seller fo this author. It's an extra copy I have that doesn't have a book cover sleve but it's in great shape. This book has affected the lives of so many and gives a clear word picture of God's love for us and how far he goes to show us the depths of his love for us.
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