By Kathy Herman
Published by: David C. Cook
ISBN# 978-1-4347-6786-8
376 Pages

Back Cover: Brill Jessup is the first female police chief in Sophie Trace, Tennessee. She's a pro at solving cases---but personally insecure. Work has become her favorite distraction from trying to forgive her husband Kurt's infidelity. But when seven people go missing, her tireless investigation threatens her family and she's forced to confront the real enemy.

REVIEW: I’m so thankful to have received a review copy of this exciting, action packed, heart felt, thought provoking police drama. The Real Enemy is the first book in the Sophie Trace Trilogy, introducing Police Chief, Brill Jessup. Brill’s the first female police chief, in a new town, in a new house. She realizes she still has the same old problems. They’ve followed her there. She had to work really hard to get the men in this town to respect her, and realize she had police instincts they could trust.

She left Memphis, Tennessee to escape her husband’s affair, hoping for a fresh start. Kurt is committed to the marriage and seeks forgiveness. Brill’s heart is closed to love from her husband. She would do her duty (she was good at that) and stick it out for their children’s sake, but she wasn’t going to forgive him. How could she?

Brill’s police instincts kick in high gear when people start disappearing one by one, without a trace. Who will be next? This town is used to a man being in charge, which makes her work twice as hard.

It takes a crisis for Brill to see that maybe she didn’t have it all together. Did she turn her back on God when her whole life was turned up-side down by the affair? Now her life was being turned up-side down again—only in a different way. What did she really believe when people’s lives were on the line and things get personal?

This book made me appreciate our law enforcement team throughout this land. We take for granted all the things they do to help us feel safe during the day and night. Kathy Herman gives you a peak at what life might look like for the family of the Police Chief. The Police Chief brings a different type of work home with her. I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next book in this series, The Last Word.

Nora St. Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator

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  1. I absolutely love Kathy Herman's books. I'll have to get this one. Thank you for the review.

    Cindy W.