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My husband Fred surprised me tonight. After work he took me out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes for soup and salad, (which I love) then off we went to Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church to the LOVE WORTH FIGHTING FOR SEMINAR - KEY Speaker KIRK CAMERON, special music by WARREN BAREFIELD.

What a special night it was! He said that he'd been looking for something for us to do that was fun and to work on our marriage too. So, when Love Worth Fighting For Event came up and we would meet Kirk Cameron he signed us up.

What a guy! I enjoyed watching a different side of Kirk Cameron in the movie, FIREPROOF. I had heard his sister Candice Cameron speak at a local church in Lawrenceville, GA a few years back. She had great things to say about her brother Cameron which made me want to hear to see him speak. I was curious.

We had pre-sold the movie FIREPROOF in our store. The day it was released to the public several cast members went around Georgia to sign copies of the movies and just hang out for a little while. We were totally surprised. All of them talked fondly of Kirk Cameron and were thankful to have worked with him.

Kirk Cameron was full of energy, happy and funny. He started out by saying that he was going to help us focus on the message he came to talk about tonight. He knew that many of the woman in the audience who remembered as Mike Seaver, from his TV show called Growing Pains, couldn't believe they were seeing him in person. He talked about the show and did a mini monologue in that character, we laughed and moved onto the Kirk that stood before us today.

Then he started to talk about the main thing he wanted to talk about. Our hearts. He said, " The problem with the heart is the heart of the problem", principle number one. Who have we given out heart to. Have we really let God be Lord of our lives. If we've fallen in a love relationship with Jesus it makes all the difference in the world about how we treat one another. He has three princples to give couples and he broke 1 Peter 3:7 down into simple terms everyone could follow. He talked about a Love Worth Fighting for. If we can hang in the battle there is such a sweet victory on the other side.

While he shared in the first half I could see why the Fireproof role was so believable for him. He was totally 100% sold out to Jesus and wanted to be all God had for him. He also didn't want to get stuck in giving his all to the Kingdom and not having anything left for his family. He has six children, four are adopted.

He shared his passion for hurting children and their families. Kirk and his wife started a camp when they were still working on the show Growing Pains. It's called Camp Fire Fly. It's a place where Six families can go for a fun filled week and forget about hospitals, and Dr. apts and the fact that their child has a life threatening condition and have fun as a family. This camp has been going for about 20 years. It's something that him and his wife over see personally and give hope as these hurting famlies meet and interact withone another. (Find out more about the CAMP FIRE FLY

Near the end Warren talked about his most recent trip to Hati. He said that he was still processing all that he saw. He couldn't believe that families were reduced to living in hand made tents and fighting over one spiket of water for about 600 people. He said that the need was so great he didn't know where to start. But God showed him a little boy about the age of 5 or 6, waiting patiently for his turn at the water spiket. He had a gallon jug and waited as the adults fought for water.
Warren said that he had asked someone about the boy after he dragged his own water jug up a hill to the village. When he pointed the boy out they said that he still had to walk a about an hour more to bring the one gallon jug to his family. Warren was blown away. Not only did the boy walk all that way to get the water down hill, then waited for about 2 hours for his turn at the water spout, he then walked home all that way carrying this heavy water jug. The boy would never have time to go to school or get educated at this rate. He would spend all of his time getting water to survive. He asked that people think about giving up one meal a month to sponsor a child. It would change a child's life forever.

The night ended and both Warren and Kirk made themselves available for pictures and book & CD signings. They said they would stay however long it took to meet everyone.  I found both men to be very energetic, sincere and passionate about what God has called them to speak about. I was so thankful to have had that experience.

WARREN BARFIELD PERFORMED THIS SONG LAST NIGHT. He told us the story behind him writing it. It was moving. This song is in the FIREPROOF movie.

THANK YOU HONEY for a GREAT SURPRISE DATE that I'll think about for many years to come.


Nora :D

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You can learn more about Warren Barfield and his music and how to sponsor a child. You can find him on face book here

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    Michelle Long said...I rejoice with you girl. That must have been an awesome experiece. I read the article. Thanks for sharing. Maybe they will come to Fl some day :)


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    Freeda George Foreman said...

    Beautiful story!!!
    Yesterday at 10:17pm

  3. Wow!!! What a great blog about the Love Worth Fighting For event earlier this month! I have forwarded a link to your site to both Kirk and Warren so they could enjoy it as well!

    We are truly humbled that you joined us and had such nice things to say. Glad that you enjoyed the event.

    @Michelle Long...We will be in Florida, twice actually. We will be in Boca Raton on June 5th and Lakeland on Oct. 2nd. Hope you join us.

    God Bless,

    Mike Williams
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