Hi Everyone;

I’m just curious about book covers? They say don’t judge a book by its cover but we do. Some covers SCREAM – PICK ME UP! Of course we do because we can’t wait to find out what’s inside. A book cover can make or break a book!

Yesterday when I was at work putting books on the shelf this book cover caught my eye. I picked this book up for a couple of reasons.

1. I really like Randy Singer and the books he writes.

2. I had to know what this book was all about. What exactly was happening on the book cover?

3. I’m always in search for books to put on the book club list for my ladies to vote on.

So, I’m CURIOUS!! Does this book SCREAM to you – Pick me Up!! Do you care what’s inside from the cover? What do you think this book is about? I’ll give you a hint Randy Singer is a lawyer by trade. I’m just wondering what this book cover says to you about the story inside? Does it make you want to pick it up? Interested? I WAS!! Just want to hear from you.

I’d like to have this as a weekly feature and I was just wondering if you do too?

I’ll post the book blurb tomorrow. You can see if you guess right.

Until tomorrow.

Nora :D
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  1. Since I've read a couple of Randy's books already I know that he's a lawyer by trade. I've also heard him speak once. He's said that headlines grab his attention and make him look deeper into the story.

    I suspect that this might be a story that got his attention from the evening news. I also suspect that detectives might be chasing down this person that's been TAKEN!

    Since the name of the book is called FATAL CONVICTIONS I suspect that this might end up with court drama and maybe a lawyer dealing with convictions of his heart.

    What do you think?? Do tell. I'll post the blurb tomorrow to let you all know if you guessed right.

    Nora :D

  2. I really really like the cover. I always judge a book by the cover, that's what makes me pick it up in the first place. :) I would definately pick this book up, read the first sentence and probably read the ending as well. :)

    It's just how I pick books. :P

  3. Mummy... the cover does catch my curiosity. I pick up a book like this because of the title, picture and then author. I would read the summary on the back, skip the endorsements and ask Nora what she thought :-)

  4. I really like Randy Singer's books, so the cover probably would sway me one way or another. But it is definitely intriguing!
    Thanks for sharing!