God Knows My Name
By: Beth Redman
Published by: David C. Cook
ISBN #: 978-0-7814-0365-8
188 Pages

Back Cover: In this powerful and deeply vulnerable book, Beth Redman writes to pass along a message that changed her life—that the God who made us also understands us intimately. He hears our cries and reaches out in love to help us and fight for us. He’s always at work shaping our character. And no matter what others do, He will never, ever leave or forget us. Drawing on scripture and her own experience, Redman invites us to explore the revolutionary implications of being loved by a God who knows our name. And she invites us to call on His name as well—to respond to His heart and love Him as He has loved us from the beginning.

Review: Beth Redman says, "I want to share an amazing story of restoration, a story of hope that we all have and the truth that I pray will fill you with joy, freedom, and power! I want to shout out that God heals, restores his plans for you and utterly adores you! If we can truly breathe in that truth, we become free to live, free to give and free to love and accept both others and ourselves. Then, as you breathe in that truth out into a hurting and broken world that desperately needs this message of God the father’s heart for us, God is glorified, and lives are changed and transformed by Him.”

I was drawn in from the start—the message in the beginning paragraphs were gripping, hopeful and refreshing. I’m so thankful to have received a review copy of such an inspiring story of Beth Redman’s journey from shattered to wholeness and how her personal relationship with God grew and developed into something very special. She talked about being filled with truth that transforms in her journey to wholeness. This was powerful stuff!!

Beth says, “Ultimately, we are not defined by what others think of us when they learn our names, or what our earthly parents say about us. Instead, we find definition in the authority, power and compassion of the God who loves us. It’s time we hear his voice the loudest.” Amen to that Beth! This book wasn’t preachy, but simple, honest and practical, filled with stories taken from her life and from scripture to back up the truth that has set her free.

This was a very inspiring book written from the heart of Beth Redman’s personal encounters with God and the realities of life. It was great to be reminded and encouraged again about how God feels about us! I was encouraged by how Beth shared stories from her past and how she talked about still having days when she still feels forgotten rejected and misunderstood. She says that these feelings are a way the enemy attempts to make us feel anonymous, illegitimate and unfit to be recognized by our Heavenly Father. “God bestows great worth and significance upon his children, and it is within his grace alone we will find meaning and purpose!” Beth says.

This book is short, simple and packs a powerful punch of hope, redemption and love. I highly recommend it! It’s made me want to read other books by her!

Nora St.Laurent
The Book Club Network



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