TBCN just announced the biggest contest they've had so far.
Author Vicki Hinze is offering an exciting contest at the network to announce her new book DEADLY TIES!

Deadly Ties is the sequell to Forget Me Not!! It's s suspense, thriller, with a spiritual thread!! My favorite! To check out how you can gain points to win 50 books for your book club members and more!! Go to TBCN and enter our contest and an opportunity to be come an agent for the secret mission. To be announced in the Second part of this contest.

In the spirit of the old movies we are asking our book club leaders and their members to take up this secret mission for the chance to win 50 books!!!!

That's right!

It will mean walking into or contacting unknown bookclubs and having them JOIN The Book Club Network. It's a place where exciting things are happening for book clubs and authors. Don't miss out on the fun!

"Of all the Book Clubs, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine."

The rules for the contest were created by Nora and are listed on the Front page of TBCN

This is the first part of the contest and the winning book club will recieve a book for every member (up to 25 and only in the US) from Sandra Bricker author of a new Love Finds you book, that's about a female private investigator. To see the book (Love Finds You in Carmel by-the-Sea, California) and read the review CLICK LINK BELOW.:

Go make new friends, have they join TBCN and win big!

Once we have the winning club there will be a secret mission "part two" announcement will also include a book for every member (up to 25 and USA only) HOT OFF the press from Vicki Hinze! (see her interview below on the front page of TBCN ) Her new book Deadly Ties!

That is up to 50 books altogether... But that is not ALL!!!

As part of the secret mission "part two" is a completely different kind of mission. Only the winner of the First contest can go on to the next round. The winning club will be preforming their duties early next year, and SOMEONE will win the largest prize we have ever offered!!! Not kidding! It's a sweet deal!~

However this is another secret for another day. So "Round up the usual suspects" and win!!

This, "no longer secret mission" is part one and you and the TCBN Forces will have until 12-31-2010 to complete their task. (There is alot to do.) The winner will be announced on New Years Day as well as the details of the secret mission "part Two"

Remember this: "We will always have Book Club" It's up to you to spread the word and join in the fun. This is going to be unforgetable.

Here is what you need to do to win!!! (UP TO 50 books) Jump on over to The Book Club Network and discover the clues to having your book club be the one that wins this exciting contest (up to 50 books) and a chance at the GRAND PRIZE!  Click this Link TBCN

See you there!! Bring friends!

Nora St.Laurent
The Book Club Network


  1. I had no idea Vicki wrote a sequel to Forget Me Not! I really enjoyed that book. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for an opportunity to review this!

  2. Thanks, Kate. :) And thank you, Nora. This contest is going to be such fun!

  3. I love, love, love suspense thrillers!


  4. Please enter me!

  5. Hi, Emily!! We'd LOVE to have you JOIN the Book Club Network and if you are part of a book club your group can partipate in this contest!!

    The Book Clubs that gather the most points Wins the 50 books and then goes on to help give out our GRAND PRIZE!! The next Phase hasn't been given out yet!!

    Blessings Emily!! See you at TBCN!!