A resident of Providence, Rhode Island---Regina grew up in nearby Barrington and still belongs to her church family in that town. After graduating from Providence College she attended the University of Delaware, eventually earning her Master’s Degree in American Civilization from Brown University. She is inspired by the seashore and the song of the birds…anything to do with nature. She and her husband enjoy visiting nearby Cape Cod.

How did you come up with the premise for Destiny's Designs?

This is a great question, Nora. Actually, I was lucky enough to be working as an assistant to a very successful, accomplished and renowned interior designer in RI who worked primarily in Newport when I started writing Destiny's Designs. We had so many adventures that I started writing them down so I wouldn't forget them. I used to come home from work every night and tell my parents the hilarious things that had happened during during the day. Things that seemed to be a crisis, like 'where's my peacock fabric'. This just didn't jive with what the rest of the world was going through. But at the end of the day these clients were all, deep down, such really, truly nice people. So most of what I was processing was about how the folks with tons of money were so unhappy, which I just didn't get! Bit by bit, the story took shape and Destiny's Designs was born.

How does the cover process work for you? Did you have any say in picking out the cover for your books?

Yes, for all my publishers there's a cover art form provided, which opens the dialog between author and cover artist. For Destiny's Designs, it's unbelievable how beautiful Jen Ranieri conceived and executed the opulent, yet lonely, theme of the book. Whoo-hoo, Jen!

What do you like most about being an author? What surprised you about being an author?

Oh, I love being an author! It is a privilege! To maybe provide an escape, and bring happiness to others... to uplift them, wow! It's a surprise that dreams really do come true!

If you had the opportunity to write anything on any topic (and you were guaranteed a market to sell it in) what would you write? Why?

I have a manuscript about families dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer's disease. I was honored and blessed to stay home with my mother for over six years when she had dementia, and I know what caregivers go through. I would like to do that. Also, I would like to write about my experience with breast cancer. But that's two topics, sorry!

How personal are your novels? How much of you are in them? Do tell?

Yes, most of what I address is based, somehow, in personal experience. I do believe in ''write what you know.' It would be hard to write about something that I'm not passionate about; so any of my themes - wealth, Alzheimer's, greeting cards, nurses -would have to mean something to me.

What made you publish in the ebook format? What was the appeal for you?

Oh, just about everything. I'm Manager of a Web Copy team for a high-end jewelry company. I know the Web is exploding, and I also know ebooks are the way of the future; and of course, everyone is so into the environment, it's great! Plus, ebooks are so much easier to read. What's not to love?

Who has influenced you the most in your writing? How?

Nora, I seem to always have an extra answer, but honestly, I had two professors that made their marks on me: Dr John Hennedy at Providence College, who loved Shakespeare, and was a great writer. He shared that love with his students. Also, Dr. Hyatt Waggoner from Brown University, a true scholar who loved Literature and founded the Am Civ Program where I earned my Master's Degree. Both fostered a tight mastery of writing techniques and a wide, loving appreciation of the beauty and power of language.


If you could visit any place in the world where would you go and what would you do?

photo Mathias Vejerslev

That is such a great question. I would have to say I would love to return to Paris, France. My wonderful sister and I went there when I was still in High School, and we have returned many times since, although not so recently. I would love to see the sights that have so much historical and religious significance; boy, if I could climb the belfry of Notre Dame again, and behold that breathtaking view, I think I would float to cloud 9!! If I could add, I would love beyond anything to go to Bethlehem, to see the site where Jesus was born. Although the area is too filled with strife for me to visit, I have often gone there in my heart, and my prayer and my wish is for a peace-filled world where there travels are possible without worry.

Mathias Vejerslev's website is

If you could be apart of any two events in the history of the world which two would you pick.

Another great question! Gee, I'd like to be on the moon in 1969, that would really be great. And then honestly, I'd be in Independence Hall in Philadelphia when we signed as a nation. Also, the 1961 inauguration of JFK must have been magic.

If you could hang out with any two people alive or dead in the history of the world, who would you pick and why? What would you do?
Oh, without a doubt, I would say I would love to be in the presence of Jesus. I would probably try to serve as one of His press secretaries, reverently conveying His message to the locals, making sure it was okay with Him first, of course, but seeing that His Word got conveyed accurately in the ways available at those times. :-)

My other choice would be Mozart, a musical genius , who I think spread the message of God's love though his musical compositions. Probably what I would do around Mozart would be helping in any organizing, or systems workings that would make his life easier, I think I could have really helped with the programs and logistics of the Court. But I probably would have actually put my foot down and seen to it that he took better care of himself, making sure he was warm enough, fed well, etc., so he didn't get sick. I would have looked out for him medically. It's a shame he died so young. It probably didn't have to happen.

What is your goal or mission as a Christian writer?

Thank you for asking about this, because I have always wanted to be able to share a mission of God's love through writing uplifting, inspiring books in His honor. It's so basic, to me -- to gladden people through reading, and to bring the Word of God to their lives in another way, and to reinforce the love of God in their hearts.How come there's so much unhappiness? It seems like there's a vast expanse waiting to be brightened!

What T.V. shows were you most passionate about as a kid? (You know the ones you couldn’t miss each week)

Haha! Two come to mind : The Wild, Wild West and Lost in Space. I can remember being in the 2nd grade when LIS debuted, and actually being so excited I was nauseated lol! Guess I am an adventurer -- or an armchair traveler, right? Both of them deal with intrigue and ingenuity, and good triumphing over adversity. I also loved all the animal shows, and the Little House series. Later on, my Dad and I laughed until we cried over Coach (not the bags!), and Cheers. We found that a riot because he was Personnel Director for the Postal Service.

What THREE things would you not want to live without?

Well, first of course would be my Bible. It was my father's, not, mine, and I treasure it more than anything. I remember him on his knees every night before we went to sleep, deep in prayer, and this Bible was always by his side. There was never a question I had that he couldn't address, relating it somehow to the Bible in a kind and loving way. He was always understanding. It was always a message of love, and happiness and acceptance. And believe me, his life was not easy. But he gloried in God's love, and loved his family and my mother more than anything.

I was going to add lipstick and coffee as my other two 'musts,' but after thinking in more depth about my father and the Bible, I don't think I could ever live without those wonderful memories of my father, because we share such a poignant connection. The way he lived his life left an indelible impression on me. So that's the second thing: I could never live without his example, or my memories of my father, really, because that's what makes me who I am today.

And third, okay I need coffee and mascara and music, but really - what I could not live without is prayer. I could not live without the faith that God has blessed me with, and prayers have helped me so much towards my journey to being the person I hope God wants me to become. It is a process. But I could not live without prayer. And when I think of my father, with the perspective of time, it's his example that set the tone for my heart being open to God in my life. So, his Bible, a material/physical possession, the memories, an emotional connection, and prayer, a spiritual connection.

What THREE movies could you watch over and over again?
I love the movies so much! I'm always looking for the ones with happy endings, though :-) That being said, 'Sound of Music', over and over. Guess I love the drama, too, though, because I LOVE 'West Side Story'. My third choice would have to be 'It's a Wonderful Life', I really can't believe how fantastic that one is. But let's not forget our French friends - 'King of Hearts' was a masterpiece, and out Italian friends with 'CinemaParadisio'. That's 5, sorry.


Thank you, Nora, for your gracious hosting, and dear readers, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind interest in my inspirational books. It's so nice to meet all of you and such an honor to be with you this month. I may be a newcomer to the publishing world, but I don't feel like a stranger to all of you, thanks to your kindness. The only thing I ever hoped for was to spread hope and make people happy through writing, and I sincerelyhope I have uplifted you, maybe made you laugh and brought some light into your hearts through my work. Thank you for reading my work, and God bless you and yours - and Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Thank you very much for hosting me, ACFW!


Thanks Regina for stopping by and letting us get to know you and your books. Thanks for the give away also. I can’t wait for theACFW book Club discussion of your book Destiny's Designs. If any of you would like to join in on the discussion please do. It starts the 21st which is tomorrow.You can join theACFW book club by going to the American Christian Fiction Writers website look for the book club and following the direction to join.

The discussion on the ACFW book club loop will start December 1st. See you there.

With a grateful Heart

Nora St.Laurent
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