I'm straying from my usual Monday theme for a very important reason. Many

of you who read this are on loops with me or see my Facebook updates so

already know about Sandi, but if you haven't heard, you need to.

Intro: I have a writer-friend named Sandi Rog. Sandi is one of the

sweetest, most selfless women I've ever met. She approaches each moment

with such enthusiasm that I often laugh when reading her gushing emails.

She is quick with praise and slow with complaint. She is a true beacon of

the Lord's love.

Sandi's debut book just released November 1, and it is AMAZING.

The Master's Wall takes you back to  first century

Rome and into the world where people can be killed for their faith . . .

but where the fire of the Word is spreading like only the Truth can. David

is a slave being trained to fight--Alethea is the granddaughter of a

wealthy man being groomed to be the perfect Roman wife. But only when they

fight for each other do they find their true purposes.

I've given a sneak peak of Sandi's book CLICK HERE

In any case, agree with me for her healing. And stop by

into the hospital. (Not exactly the release party she had planned, but

she's been making the most of it and passing out bookmarks to everyone in

the hospital--see what I mean about her amazing spirit?) They first thought

she had lesions on her brain connected to her MS. Further investigation

proved it to be not a lesion, but a brain tumor. There were no other masses

in her body, so we were hoping it was benign.

It wasn't. She's been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma, a very aggressive

cancer of the blood. Her doctor thinks it's a result of the drugs she'd

been taking for MS and has reported it to the FDA. And the very day they

got the biopsy results, she was moved into the cancer ward and began


Sandi needs your prayers desperately. Her spirits are good, but she's weak

and tired and, well, sick. And my heart just aches for her and her family.

She has four children, the youngest of whom is only a toddler. Please pray

for the Rogs with me.

The outpouring on her behalf has been great, and many people have asked

about helping out financially. Her response? "Just buy my book." Which is

actually selfless, because I guarantee you'll get more out of it than the

ten bucks it costs.

So. Please pray. If you feel led (or just want a really, really excellent

read), to buy her book CLICK HERE 

Stop by tomorrow for the full review of The Master's Wall.


  1. when I first heard about Sandi, I went and purchased her book for my Kindle. I started reading it last night and, WOW! So far it has been a wonderful read! My heart goes out to Sandi. We don't understand why God allows these things to happen to His children. We just have to have faith and know that He is in control, and remember Romans 8:28.

  2. FACEBOOK COMMENT made by Alison Strobel Morrow - I wanted to share with you all.

    Hey friends--feel like doing a good deed and getting a little something out of it, too? Buy The Master's Wall, either in paper form or for Kindle, and the publisher will donate $1 to a fund they've set up for the author's family. She was diagnosed last week with type A Lymphoma on her brain (on top of already dealing w...ith MS). It's a really great book (I even endorsed it, and I don't usually read historical fiction!) and even if you're not big into biblical fiction it would make a great gift. The Master's Wall (9781936341023): Sandi Rog: Books: Reviews, Prices & more