So much of our Chhristmas celebraton is defined for us though magazines, movies, and malls. But as a child of God you know what is really worth celebrating. This year don't miss Christmas.

Like the Sheperds, Be Faithful;
Like the Wisemen, Be Truth-Seekers
Like Joseph, Be a Believer
Like Mary, Be Completelly Surrendered;
Like the Angels, Fulfill God's Purpose for you.
Like Jesus, Embrace Humility.

Why did each one of them take time to notice God was up to something big--and then come to Worship Him!

PRAYER, Father, I want to be one who hears the angels sing. I want to see Your star and come to bow before You as often as You call to me. Thank You for inviting me into Your presence. Father, we are Your servants. Each of us have families and friends to love.... Make our hearts sensitive to those who need to know You today--and allow us the quiet time this season to worship the Christ Child like..the sheperds, the wise men, Joseph and Mary worshhipped Him thhat very first Christmas.  We don't want to miss You in the hustle and bustle...use us to usher Your presence an Your love into our homes.

In Jesus' precious and powerful name we pray.  Amen.

(Quoted Directly from Meet Me at the Manager...and I'll Lead You to the Cross
by Leighhann McCoy)

THANKS everyone for a very special year where we discovered new fiction that helped us grow, learn and have fun together. Thanks to all the readers and authors that stopped by in 2010 to encourage me, other authors, and show interest in the books that were featured this year on Finding Hope Through Fiction blog and at The Book Club Network.

This year has been a challenging one on many fronts for me personally. I know that many of you have been Jesus' hands and feet to me and my family. There were days I knew I couldn't do the task before me. Many of you emailed me or, said a prayer for me and my family and there were many of you that just LOVED us in the way the Lord laid on your heart.

My husbands’ health is doing better now and more improvement is forecast into the New Year. While my husband struggled to get well our 19 year old daughter Hilary delivered a special little boy into our lives named Brayden Christian St. Laurent. Brayden is a healthy, happy little one who came a little early in our lives on September 25th, 2010.

Hilary allowed me the honor of being her birthing coach and experience this event up-close and very personal. It was an amazing day I’ll never forget. The day my little girl became a mom and I became a grandmother-named Mimi. It's amazing the joy Brayden has brought into my daughter's life and ours hearts.

Words can't express the gratitude I feel, to the many people who touched my life in 2010.  I know that times are hard for many and I’m so thankful for the people the Lord placed in my life and my daughters this year. THANKS for those of you who took the time to tell me you prayed for me and my family...who took the time to give me a hug when you saw tears in my eyes or my mouth quiver ... who took the time to bring a meal by just because you felt lead to...who took the time to call me or send a card with an encouraging word...who took the time to say I'm with you in this all the way... you reminded me that the Lord would not leave me and either would you….who showed my daughter and our family unconditional LOVE in so many different ways!!! And reminded  me it was going to be OK... I Thank the Lord for moving in the hearts of His people. I saw once again how God does far more than I could even imagine possible!! It's astounding how God connects the dots in our life. Also, how He drew everyone to that little stable in Bethlehem. He is a God of detail. He reminds me daily that it's the little things in life that make life worth living.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and to ALL a SPECIAL NIGHT!! It's snowing at my house and it looks like it might be doing the same at many of your houses too!  I'll be dreaming of and seeing a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!


Nora :D
The Book Club Network


  1. Nora,
    If I knew of your family's situation this year, I'm afraid I forgot in the midst of all that was going on in my family. I apologize for that - I would have been praying. It sounds as if your daughter and family went through the same thing my daughter and family went through almost 16 years ago. What I can say to you is that what the enemy meant for evil, GOD turned for good. I have the most fantastic 15-year-old grandson that anyone can ask for.

    God bless you and your family!

  2. Beautiful testimony, prayer and post. Brayden is adorable. I did not know of your trials, but will pray! My hubs is recovering from triple bypass so I know how full your plate has been.

  3. FACEBOOK COMMENT on tis post.

    What a special lady you are! Thank you for this little note of testimony in your lives. It's a great reminder of how God works in our lives.

    When I think of that first Christmas night when Jesus was born I am reminded that one day every will bow before Him and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! What a priviledge that we can know Him & worship Him now!

    Lucie Buchert