“True joy comes to us, not from what we own, but from what we are able to give to others. When we give what we have, God will bless us with more, and the blessings will be doubled because of the joy that giving brings….We were created for one another. There is no sense in trying to deny it. Those who attempt to stand on their own two feet find that they tire before long, and they wish they had someone to lean on. God created us equal, so that we can adequately fill on another’s needs. He hopes we will share our lives with one another and with Him. … (Taken from The Power of Thanksgiving)

THANKS to many of you that brought my family HOPE and JOY in 2010. This year has been a challenging one on many fronts for me personally. I know that many of you have been Jesus' hands and feet to me and my family in very creative ways and for that I’m FOREVER Thankful. There were days I knew I couldn't do the task before me. Many of you emailed me or, said a prayer for me and my family and there were many of you that just LOVED us in the way the Lord laid on your heart to do! It showed me that God is a God of detail and sends us big Jesus Hugs when we most need it.

Starting in August of 2010, I went on a unnerving journey with my husband Fred, as we went from Dr. to Dr. trying to figure out why his legs were swelling, burning and turning a very dark purple. After three week long hospital stays (not all in a row) and many attempts to heal his legs a dermatologist knew what the trouble was with my husband’s legs. HOORAY!! The diagnosis name is so very long I can’t say it, but I’m glad she knew what it was and how to treat it. That only took six weeks and several Dr.’s later. It was quit an experience for us both there was so much stress in not knowing and Dr’s wanting to take pictures of your legs to show to their classes they taught.

My husbands’ health is doing better now and more improvement is forecast into the New Year. While my husband struggled to get well our 19 year old daughter Hilary delivered a special little boy into our lives named Brayden Christian St. Laurent. Brayden is a healthy, happy little bundle of joy, who came in our lives on September 25th, 2010.

Hilary allowed me the honor of being her birthing coach and experience this event up-close and very personal. It was an amazing day I’ll never forget. The day my little girl became a mom and I became a grandmother-named Mimi. It's amazing the joy Brayden has brought into my daughter's life and ours hearts.

Words can't express the gratitude I feel and how thankful for the many blessings and LOVE so many people showed us in 2010. I know that times are hard for many and I’m so grateful for the people the Lord placed in my life and my daughters this year. THANKS for those of you who took the time to tell me you prayed for me and my family...who took the time to give me a hug when you saw tears in my eyes or my mouth quiver ... who sent us a gift card in the mail and said I was thinking of you…who took the time to bring a meal by just because you felt lead to...who took the time to call me or send a card with an encouraging word...who took the time to say I'm with you in this all the way... you reminded me that the Lord would not leave me and either would you….who showed my daughter and our family UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in so many special ways!!! And for those who reminded me it was going to be OK... I Thank the Lord for moving in the hearts of His people. I saw once again how God does far more than I could even imagine possible!! It's astounding how God connects the dots in our life. He is a God of detail. He reminds me daily that it's the little things in life that make life worth living.

This is my prayer for today and something to remember in 2011.

PRAYER: Father, I thank You that I never have to walk alone. You are by my side, and I have opportunities to share my life journey with so many others

Bless my path and those who walk this journey with me. (From The Power of Thanksgiving)”

Thanks for the many that were Jesus’hands and feet to me and my family I hope to do the same in 2011 for the people the Lord leads me too. Lord open my eyes and make sensitive to your leading. AMEN!

I’m excited about the New Year. The Book Club Network is taking off with two new contests starting January 1, 2011. Check it out.

I’m thrilled my daughter is back with us at Finding Hope Book Club and has figured out how we could vote on-line and all my ladies took their time and voted on books we’ll read for this year. They told me that it was tough to pick from 65 books but I have to be honest it was hard not to put more books on the list for them to vote on. There were so many books that touched me heart and moved my spirit.

Here’s wishing you a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR!! Thanks for your love and support. I will be mixing things up a little this year putting in a picture book or two in celebration of Brayden our new grandson. We will be getting him ready to read. I’ll also have more youth books on the blog this year too. I’ve read so many good ones. THE HEALERS APPRENTICE is one of them by Melanie Dickerson. I’m thrilled that she will be speaking to my combined book club in February. I can’t wait. Thanks Lord for another year! Thanks to all of you for making it possible!


  1. So I would love to know where you got the joy quilt since my daughters name is joy. I would love to have one like that.

  2. This is beautiful, my friend.

    So much love!