I wasn't sure what to think when I looked at this cover for the first time. I wanted to read it because I had heard so many good things about this authors first book ROOMS!! It does look mysterious and intriguing but I have to say that the ROOMS book cover was more chilling and captivating. Don't let this book cover stop you from reading this novel. There is more INSIDE this book that will definately catch your attention, and heart in many ways. Here's my review!

By James L. Rubart
Published by: B & H Books
ISBN# 978-1433671517
400 Pages

Back Cover: "… in Your book all my days were recorded, even those which were purposed before they had come into being." —Psalm 139:16

Young Cameron Vaux’s mind is slipping. Memories of his wife, killed two years earlier in a car accident, are vanishing just as his dad predicted they would. Memories he knows he has to remember.

His father tells Cameron that to save his mind he must find "the book with all days in it" —the past and future record of every soul on earth.

When an obscure clue leads Cameron to a small central Oregon town, he meets enigmatic Taylor Stone, a possible guide to finding the book who seems to carry secrets far deeper than anyone imagines. Local hotshot TV personality, Ann Bannister, thinks the legend of the book is a farce, but she has her reasons to join Cameron’s search anyway. Finally, there is fanatical New Age guru, Jason Judah, who will stop at nothing to find the book of days before Cameron does.

Review: I was thankful for receive a review copy of such an intriguing and thought provoking book. James L. Rubart brings up an interesting topic I hadn’t really thought about before. I hadn’t thought about the idea of recording life in a book for all to see. What kind of life am I recording? What happens to our memories? And what would someone give to be the owner of the book of days which held a person’s past, present and future? This author brings up great questions.

This book reminded me of an Indiana Jones movie where he’s in search of the Holy Grail. There were so many clues and so many set backs in his quest. Cameron reminds me of Harrison Ford and his passion of hunting for archeological relicts. I liked the suspense, drama, intrigue and how this book made me think about things deeper than just a fun fiction story. After reading this novel, I truly think it’s a blessing none of us know when our last day on earth will be. I hadn’t thought of the blessing it is that we don’t know when our last hour on earth is. It reminded me that I should face every day as if it were my last. James reminds me I should take the time to stop and smell the flowers; love to the fullest and not waste the precious time I’ve been given. Cameron’s near death experience changed him forever and increased his desire to find the Book of Days.

Jason Judah’s followers believe and worship the Book of Days, even though no one’s seen it. Cameron, a film production man, is in search of this book and questions Jason Judah and Tricia Stone. He tells them both that his father and wife have seen the book and read it as children. They both urged him to find it for their sake and his. Cameron wanted to fulfill their wishes but has a personal reason of his own for wanting the book. Why wouldn’t anyone tell him what they knew about the book and where it was?

Tricia responds to Cameron’s question about the book being real? “A lot of nice people believe in Bigfoot, and they can show you a great deal more evidence than anyone can show for a book with the past, present and future recorded between its cover….It also doesn’t make Big foot real or a book that exists only in the spiritual realm real either.”

“So, the Book of Days is a hoax?”

“Not a hoax, a fable. A made-up story Jason and his followers have tried to turn into a religion.

Millions of people buy books and believe the message. They are spiritually starving, so when a book like that arrives, promising to fill their empty souls, the unsuspecting lap it up like a starving cat in front of a bowl of micro waved milk….be careful in your search. That book will bring you nothing but death, Cameron.”

Cameron scratched his head, “How can a book that doesn’t exist bring death?”

Good question. On one hand, Cameron runs into people that think the book isn’t real, but a fable. On the other hand, people think the book is real and his search for it will bring him death. Who should he believe?

I enjoyed the topics this book made me think about. I cared for these characters, especially Cameron and Annie. In between the suspense and drama there’s a little bit of romantic tension between Cameron and Annie, who both have big careers and live on opposite sides of the world but are both in search for the same book, The Book of Days, for different reasons. This is the first book I’ve read by this author it won’t be the last. I can’t wait to read his first book Rooms; you’ll want to read this book and look for the next book he writes. I know that I will.

Nora St. Laurent
The Book Club Network


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