BOOK COVER: Does this book cover catch your eye or what? I know it stopped me in my tracks. Love the title too NO SAFE HAVEN - the title definitely implies suspense and drama. The Alaskan back drop is beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. The book cover made me pick the book up and investigate and see what was inside. The first page kept me reading. This story explodes into action literally from the start and the reader is thrown into the middle of a mysterious drama, action, suspense and romance. This story has it all and then some.

Another thing that I found fascinating about this story was the fact that it was written by a mother/daughter team. This is not just any mother/daughter relationship, this family has been through action and adventure in their own personal lives. They have brought that action, realism and love onto every page they wrote. It was gripping; heart wrenching, intriguing and a book I was glued to way beyond the last page.

No Safe Haven Book Trailer

I was compelled to find out more about this mother/daughter writing team after I finished reading their amazing story. What made it fascinating is the fact that they’ve included Kayla’s personal challenges into this novel. Kayla writes the POV of Andie, the 12 year old girl that has a rare medical condition called HSAN – Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy. Here’s a quote from No Safe Haven to explain “Andi doesn’t feel pain until it’s twenty to thirty times the intensity you or I would feel. The nerves don’t signal the brain because they’re missing fibers. She also can’t regulate her own body temperature, and that’s why overheating can kill her. The nerves can’t get the message to the brain that she’s too hot, so she doesn’t sweat.”

I love how they’ve written this aspect of Kayla’s life and her faith into this book.. You get to hear what it’s like to live inside her skin and face struggles you and I wouldn’t even think would be challenging!

Kimberly Woodhouse says this in her non-fiction book “Woodhouse Family Welcome Home! (Our family’s journey to extreme joy). “Even when you are sad, God’s joy is still there. Even when life has you at the end of your rope. God’s joy is still there. It can’t be taken away. Let me put it this way-happiness is a feeling, but joy is more than a fleeting feeling; it’s a source….When people ask me how I keep smiling, my answer is joy. I tell people it’s my life and my normal….God gave you the same thing, a perfectly normal-to-you-life. Stop comparing it to the lives other people live or the life other people think you should live and move on with what you have been given. Life is full of surprises! You have your own normal-o-meter. So jump out of the box. Who’s With Me?”

Kimberly and Kayla’s outlook on life permeates this book and gives hope even in the most impossible situations! I also enjoyed reading about the special relationship that has developed between mother/daughter and Jesus! This family has been real about who has gotten them to where they are today! Another reason I loved this book. It’s honest, real and exciting. There is a race to run from the bad guys in the story. There is another race against Mother Nature and the havoc it can play on the body and basic survival.

Here is a youtube interview with the amazing writing team. I’m thrilled they’ve started writing together and that they are working on the sequel to No Safe Haven as of this posting. It’s called Race Against Time.

Check out their interview

I’ll be posting more about this gripping novel next week along with my review! This is one book you’ll have to put on your list of summer reading and a mother/daughter team you’ll want to watch! I know I will be!

Nora St.Laurent
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