My facebook friends have asked to see pictures of the construction going on in the store I work at. I took some pictures today. This is a view from the front door looking to your right hand side.

Construction workers took out ceiling tiles to make it easier for them to re-wire the store.

The pictures that in the dug outs will be gone in our new lay-out. The pictures will eventually go along a new wall running the length of the store!

I'm enjoying the airy feeling we now have in the store. It's like being in a Costco or Sam's Shopping club where the ceiling is open and painted white. It won't be this way for long.

This is the sign that greets you after your walk into the store! We want people to know that we are making the store beautiful! It always looks worse before it looks better!

This is the right hand side of the store, where the Children's section, teen fiction and non-fiction books used to be. They tore off the green paneling and later today started breaking through to the other building.

I'm looking at what's left of the Children's department. We had a TV, lots of shelves, puppets, stuffed animals etc. All moved to a new location. Grin!

This is a view to the left of the children's Department in back of the store. Music used to live there! It's since found a new home on the other side of the store! Next thing to move are the single card display.

Now I'm at the back of the store looking at the front of the Children's Dept. The door that is open are the two music rooms we had for our customers to listen to music in or sing their little hearts out in!! AMAZING sounds came from those rooms!! I'll miss them.

Another shot. This time you can see more of our card section. See Snoopy. My boss tells me that if you see this display in stores and take your picture with Snoopy and put it on Daysprings website or facebook page (sorry I haven't done this yet so I'm not sure which place to go) your name gets entered to win an IPAD!! I'm all over that once my teenager gets home and has time to show me how to up-load the picture to either site! Grin!! Just saying - thought I'd share!

This was the area we had choir robes, church supplies, and product stored way up high. This is the NEW LOCATION of our BREAK ROOM!! Exciting! New place to eat lunch!! Lunch is always good! Grin!

Little closer shot of the exact spot for the break room.

Empty walls that used to hold our big screen TV along with lots of DVD's! It's also the place I held book club for 5 years!! I'll miss that spot!! Good memories made there!

Another shot showing the empty walls. All the shelves you see were recently moved there. It's our Children's department. It has a new home like all the other items in our store! It's all good!

These are the two music rooms that I told you about. You could sing along with the a music track or just listen to music! Gone are the three music stations. They all had computers on them with head sets. Each computer had a scanning wand! You could listen to CD's that scanned. It would give you a glimpse into the song to hear if you liked it or not.

This is a view from the card department looking to the  back of the store. We have another sign that tells everyone that we are under construction. Sorry for the mess!!

Before I left work today, Friday at 5p.m. The Children's Department was empty. ALL GONE!! Moved to the other side of the store. They will be tearing our the green wall on Saturday.

Again looking at the Children's Department from the back to the front of the store. All Empty!

We had two TV's inside this box for the kids to watch Veggie Tale DVD's!! Not living here anymore!

Yesterday, I did the ladder aerobic work-out at work. I felt like I lost about 10 pounds going up and down the ladder putting extra product on the shelves up high on the left hand side of the store. There are many benefits to this move, getting my aerobic work-out on my job is definitely a plus. I didn't lose 10 pounds but I'm working on it. Maybe next week. Grin!

This is what the Non-Construction side of the store looks like. To the Left is the Christian Fiction side to the right the Children's department. I took a picture of this so you can see where my NEW Book Club End cap lives. It's Temp for now! But I LOVE IT!!

This month's book club pick is - The Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue. Little did  my ladies know when they voted on this book that Nancy Rue would win a Christy Award for this book! I'm excited to talk to Nancy about her book and what it felt like to win a Christy!

Here is the Full End cap. Next month we are reading Possession by Rene Gutteridge! Thrilling! This works for now! I'm thankful to my boss for doing this.

They put up a plastic sheet to cover up the construction I just showed you. That went up at about 4p.m. today. This shot is from the construction site looking through to the rest of the store!

This is the back of the plastic looking at all the construction! I'm glad they put up the plastic! It makes the store look brighter and less messy!

This is the front of the store by the registers. They broke through this wall yesterday to reveal the windows we've had there all along! They have a film on them I guess will have to come off! This are going to be changing at the front register too!

So, there you have it. A store under construction. I'm getting my moving work-out on the job, and I've added my frequent walking miles as I learn along with our customers where the NEW HOMES are for our books and gifts! Never a dull moment - which is a good thing!! Please keep shopping at the store! It will be BEAUTIFUL when it's all done! I can't wait!



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