ABOUT ALISON STROBEL: Alison inherited the writing gene from her father, Lee, and grew up composing stories on everything from napkins to typewriters. Her talent earned her awards throughout school, a two page spread featuring her work in her senior yearbook, and even saved her from failing college chemistry. But it wasn’t until she moved to California after college that she wrote her first full-length novel, and that’s when god made alison’s oldest dream come true.

Waterbrook Press (now Waterbrook Multnomah) picked up Worlds Collide and published it in 2005, Violette Between followed in 2006 and earned Alison a nomination for the prestigious Rita Award from the Romance Writers of America – a shock, since she hadn’t realized she was writing romances. After taking a break to become a mom to Abigail and Penelope Jane, she landed two contracts with David C. Cook and Zondervan to write a total of four more novels that released in 2010 and 2011.

Parenthood turned Alison’s head (as well as her husband Daniel’s) to children’s books, and together they penned the award winning That’s where God Is, the first in a series of children’s books on spiritual formation, which released in 2010 and was followed by That’s When I Talk to God.

Alison and her family live in Colorado. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, obsessively stalking her favorite online parenting forum, playing pet store (or reading books or homeschooling) with her daughters, or out with the whole gang exploring their new home state.

How did you come up with the idea for Composing Amelia? Were you happy with the book cover? I love it.

My best friend in college developed bipolar disorder our junior year. Her family was in complete denial, and I was the only friend close enough (we were roommates) for her to really open up to about what was going on. It was an incredibly rough time for both her and me, and there were no Christian resources at all for either of us to walk us through what was going on. I thought at the time, "Someday I'm going to write a book about Christians and mental illness." This was long before a writing career was even a blip on my radar! But I was so frustrated by the misinformation and lack of understanding that so many Christians around us had of mental illness, and I really wanted to change that. I always expected to write a non-fiction book about it, but God had a different idea. :)

And yes, I do love the cover. The book went through a couple different titles before landing on Composing Amelia, and once we had that and I saw this image, I knew this was the perfect cover. If I remember correctly, though, the girl in the original image had hair with kind of purply-pink highlights. I was like, "Um, Amelia's a natural redhead, think we can fix that?" :D The wonders of PhotoShop! 

Can you give us a sneak peak into what book you are working on right now?

I don't have another contract at the moment, but I proposed four books to one of my publishers, so when I have time I'm working a little bit on each of them. My favorite so far is tentatively titled "The House That Built Me". The first time I heard this song by country music singer Miranda Lambert (I love country music!) the wheels started turning. My second favorite was inspired by my favorite TV show, Leverage, and features a single mom taking on major corporation with the help of a thief-gone-good. 

What was your favorite scene in to write in Composing Amelia?

My favorite scene to write didn't make it into the final version of the book! There are essentially two Composing Amelias. The first one was a travesty that my editor rightfully shredded with her notes, and then there's the second one that gets to see the light of day. In the first version of the book, there's a scene where Amelia has it out in the middle of a ladies' tea with a woman who is gossiping about her and pretty much turning people at the church against her. I love writing scenes with major conflict in the dialogue--which is funny because, in real life, I can barely get myself to disagree with people because I'm so afraid of starting an argument! I guess maybe because those scenes let me be loud and bold like I wish I could be.
Your dad Lee Strobel has written his first fiction book called, The Ambition. Are you all thinking about or would you consider writing a fiction book with him?

My book club is reading The Ambition this month! It's so fun to read my dad's book and see all the Chicago references. I think it would be a hoot to write a book together--a hoot, but very difficult, because we approach writing fiction in completely different ways. Maybe if we did alternating chapters we'd be able to do it. But even that would be hard--he's a seat-of-the-pants writer, and I am a staunch outliner. Talk about conflict! :D

What made you want to write children’s books? How does the writing process work when you are writing to children? How does the process go when you work with the illustrator?
When we were pregnant with Abby, my husband Dan came up with the idea for That's Where God Is. We'd started looking for books we could buy for the baby that would help us with the monumental task of passing on our faith to our children, and we weren't at all excited with what we were finding. When he came up with that idea, we just ran with it, and ended up with a whole series of ideas that we pray will all get published someday. 

God really knew what he was doing when he put Dan and I together to write books. Dan's a big idea/concepts guy. He comes up with the themes, the main plot points, the organization of the story, that sort of thing. After he's done with his notes, he hands them off to me, and I turn them into a rough draft of the content and page spreads. From there were edit back and forth until we're both happy with the final product. 

We've been incredibly blessed to work with Cory Godbey, who does our illustrations. I swear he can read our minds! We don't give him any input at all; he just takes the story and draws the images he thinks work well with the text. He sends us sketches that we provide feedback on, and we've only asked for major changes on maybe two of the spreads; the rest of our suggestions were just little things that we wanted tweaked. His style is just beautiful; I've been so pleased to see how well they enhance the story.

You have small children to care for and jobs to do, when do you have time to come up with new ideas for books and have time to write them? Do tell!

It's all God, truly! When I got my first contract back in 2002, I only had one book and no ideas for another. But Waterbrook was offering me a two book contract, and I wasn't about to turn them down! I prayed, "God, this whole thing is all Your doing, so if You're prompting them to give me a two book contract, I'm going to assume that means You have another book idea for me. Whenever You're ready to share, just let me know." Over and over, it's been like that: I have one idea, I get a two book contract, and God drops the idea in my lap right when I need it. 

How do you balance family and work when you work out of the house? My husband worked out of the house for many years and it was hard some days.

The writing of the books...yeah, that takes some juggling. :) Luckily Dan works from home, too, so we take shifts with the girls and write when we're not on parental duty. I get about 4-5 hours four afternoons a week, and God turns that into just enough time to get books written and interviews done and emails answered and all that stuff. The last couple years were really hard because of the ages of the girls, but it's slowly getting easier because they're not as clingy as they used to be. 'Course, the older they get, the more we'll be homeschooling, so we'll be adding another job into the mix, but God has called us to that just as He's called us to write, so we trust He'll make it all work out. :)


If someone gave you a give certificate to eat anywhere you desired, where would you eat and why?

If the gift certificate came with a cure for my gluten allergy, then I'd head straight to Chicago for Edwardo's spinach stuffed pizza. It's my most favorite pizza ever and I haven't had it in *years*.

You’ve been given and opportunity to go out on a special date with your husband. Where would you go and what would you do?

Dinner somewhere that doesn't have a kids' menu, and then either to a movie at the Landmark (a really cool theater in the Denver Tech Center that only allows adults; they serve food and adult beverages and have a bunch of loveseats!) or to a game--either the Avalanche or The Rockies. 

If you had the funds to take your family on a vacation to anywhere on the planet, where would you go and what would you see?

Europe! A year-long tour of Western Europe. I lived in Scotland for a year during college and did the backpack-across-Europe thing, and I'm dying to do it again and bring my family along--when the girls are older, of course. I think their appreciation would be limited at their current ages of 3 and 5. :)
Name two jobs that you’ve had that might surprise people?

I worked for two weeks at an espresso bar during high school--kinda funny since I didn't start drinking coffee until years later. Also during high school, I worked as a telemarketer for a financial planner. I was actually *really* good at it.

Can you share any fun photos with us? I do enjoy when authors share!
Alison & Dad at Violette Between book Signing
This was tough Nora, I'm the one usually the one behind the camera!

What is your favorite holiday? Why?
Christmas for sure! I love the music, and the snow, and the traditions, and decorating, and the food (especially the cookies)...

What has been your favorite book club experience? What made it so much fun?

The book club I attended in California read "The Namesake" one month, and the woman hosting the discussion catered in Indian food for us! I'd only eaten Indian food once, and it was back when my tastes were much more narrow, so I was thrilled to have another chance to try it. None of us ate Indian food regularly, so she'd told the restaurant manager to prepare a variety of things that he thought would be good for us to start with. It was the perfect introduction to the "genre," you might say. :) 


I'm launching a new website and starting up my blog again with the release of Composing Amelia, so come check it out! And I love to interact with readers in my Facebook group; come join us there! 

author of "The Heart of Memory" and "Composing Amelia" (Sept 2011) and others
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Your new book Composing Amelia,  touched me on so many levels? I had gone through something very similar to the experience newlyweds Amelia and Marcus Sheffield had in your book. Had I not moved when we did I would have missed out on a huge blessing God had in store for us. I also realized later that God sees the bigger picture, He knew we would experience some hard times and the church we joined were loving, prayer warriors that would be instrumental in bringing hope in a dark situation. The body of Christ in that church were the hands and feet of Jesus to us. I’ll never forget how that move changed the direction of our life forever. As I read the dialogue in your book it was as if you had read my prayer journal for that time period. THANKS for the honesty and showing how easy it is to get turned around and for showing through your main characters how it’s not always easy or feel good to do the right thing. LOVED Composing Amelia!

THANKS for stopping by Alison. Excited about your new book. It definitely makes a great book club pick! So much to talk about!

Nora St.Laurent
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