A friend asked me to attend the conference the AMONG FRIENDS CONFERENCE Friday night and Saturday. Wow, what a surprise I had. I thought I was just I was going to hear Kathy Troccoli in concert. I had no idea the WONDERFUL weekend the Lord planned for me. Not only did I hear Kathy Troccoli speak and sing but we heard Anita Renfroe speak, sing and make us hysterical laugh. OHMYGOSH!! I had heard her do the Mom song to classcial music but I hadn't heard her stand up and talk before. Oh, my, I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time.

Saturday was precious. It started out with Lisa Harper speaking about the Song of Solomn and what that passage means to her and a peek at what it could mean for us if we let it. I'll never forget the beginning part of that passage.  Lisa has a unique way of talking about the bible. She brings it up to current time so you can connect with it.

Then Kathy sang and talked some more and prayed  in preparation for Dr. Jeanne Porter to speak to us. Her talk was about the four men who ripped open the roof and lowered their friend down to meet Jesus. What a powerful message. I especially liked the fact that they left time for us to listen to God and pray for one another in the program. Kathy ended the session singing the song Take your Candle and Light your world!

It was a powerful and restful weekend. One I'll be replaying over and over as God once again showed me now much He loves me. He will never stop being there for me and Gives me surprises like this weekend. It's just the thing I needed!!

Two More Surprises - it was a treat to meet Jamie Grace and Victoria Jackson. Victoria Jackson has a new show she is doing on-line and Jamie Grace's CD out that is amazing. I LOVE it and so do my kids. It was fun to meet them. Anita Renfroe asked both of her friends to join her in a NEW MOM song she wrote. This time it's to Rap music!! Funny! Anita debuted her CLEAN Music video. HYSTERICAL!!

I highly recomment these Among Friends Conferences! Below are the women whospoke, prayed and were real with me this weekend. They let down their guard and shared from the heart. I found clips of some of the speakers on youtube. Enjoy!

Photo of Kathy Troccoli

Kathy Troccoli is celebrating 30 years of music and ministry in 2012! With numerous accolades and record sales reaching two million, Kathy has enjoyed 19 recordings, 17 number-one radio hits, 19 Dove Award nominations, 2 Dove Awards, and 3 Grammy nominations. Her last four recordings are self-produced including her newest release Hope’s Alive and her beloved worship CD, Draw Me Close.

A highly sought-after conference speaker and singer, Kathy has ministered to millions of women through various national conferences and was selected as one of the “Most Influential Christian Women in America” by Today’s Christian Woman magazine readers. Kathy is an award-winning singer, songwriter, speaker and author of numerous books including the bestselling Falling in Love with Jesus bible study series co-authored with Dee Brestin, Spaghetti for the Soul co-authored with Ellie Lofaro, Am I Not Still God? and Live Like You Mean It.

Kathy Troccoli holds a unique combination in the music and publishing fields. It is the diverse talents and circumstances in Kathy's life that stirs and captivates her audiences. She has allowed both successes and trials to shape her over the years, equipping her for a multi-faceted career. Kathy is intelligent, funny, and raw. She bears scars that have produced a powerful and insightful communicator.
Kathy has never been more fulfilled than she is now. “I am exactly where I am supposed to be. There is such freedom in that. Now I truly understand that my singing is just a part of what God has created me to do.” And what is that? “Encouraging, motivating, and inspiring – what a privilege.”

Featuring: Dr. Jeanne Porter

Dr. Jeanne Porter is passionate about the Word of God and helping women and men to discover and unlock their leadership potential. She is a Bible teacher, preacher, educator, author, consultant, and a popular conference and retreat leader. Currently serving on Pastoral staff for ministry development of a mega-church in Chicago, Dr. Porter has a heart for God and for people as she draws upon over twenty five years of ministry leadership and organizational consulting to bring her unique style and godly wisdom to churches and corporations.

Her writings focus on leadership and leadership development, especially as it relates to women and churches.  She is the author of Leading Ladies: Transformative Biblical Images for Women’s Leadership and Leading Lessons: Insights on Leadership from Women of the Bible. Dr. Porter received both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, the Master of Arts of Theological Studies (with an emphasis on spiritual formation and leadership) from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago and the Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Communication from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Photo of Kathy Lisa



Featuring: LISA HARPER

Rarely are the terms hilarious storyteller and theological scholar used in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person…but then again, Lisa Harper is anything but stereotypical! She has been lauded as a gifted communicator, whose writing and speaking overflows with colorful pop culture references that connect the dots between the Bible era and modern life. Her style combines sound scriptural exposition with easy-to-relate to anecdotes and comedic wit.

Now a sought-after Bible teacher and speaker, Lisa is currently featured on the Women of Faith tour and speaks at many other large multi-denominational events – such as Moody Bible, Women of Joy and Focus on the Family conferences – as well as at hundreds of church retreats all over the world. She’s been on numerous syndicated radio and television programs and was featured on the cover of Today’s Christian Woman.
She’s written nine books including Holding Out For a Hero and A Perfect MessShe also served as a key contributor to the Becoming Devotional Bible for Women and as a columnist for Today’s Christian Woman magazine.
Yet in spite of her credentials, the most noticeable thing about Lisa Harper is her authenticity.  When recently asked about her accomplishments she responded with a grin saying, “I’m definitely grateful for the opportunities God’s given me; but don’t forget, He often uses donkeys and rocks!” Photo of Anita Renfroe

FEATURING: Anita Renfroe

Comedian and author Anita Renfroe became an overnight Internet sensation when her YouTube video of her singing everything a mother says to her children in a single day to the tune of “The William Tell Overture” in just two minutes and fifty-five seconds was viewed by millions. Renfroe was featured on morning and late night entertainment and news programs and resulted in her becoming a comedy contributor for Good Morning America.
With her unique brand of estrogen flavored musical comedy and blend of sass, edge and slightly offbeat takes on All Things Female, audiences at her comedy concert tours, viewers of her TV appearances and the YouTube masses would say she just says what everyone is thinking, but won't say out loud.

Anita is author of Hyperion release DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU: Kids, Carbs, and the Coming Hormonal Apocalypse. Anita has been featured in The New York Times, Readers Digest, Women’s Day and The Washington Post.



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