I'd like to introduce to you my friend Stormi Johnson and her new company Lightning book promotions. I'll let her tell you a little bit about herself and her company!

Lightning Book Promotions

Hi everyone, 

my name is Stormi from Lightning Book Promotions. LBP is a new start-up company that is working hard to provide authors with the help they need when it comes to promoting their novels. I work with small press and independent authors, but that doesn't mean that I won't work with a more mainstream publisher. I help authors by organizing blog tours and I currently have 68 bloggers signed up to review books, but I don't just stop there I am always actively seeking out other bloggers, websites, etc trying to find places that will take on the books I am currently working with. I try to find places that will host the authors for radio interviews, places that the author can post advertisements.

I can help you set up simple author websites, blogs, get you signed up on the social networks if you are not already there. I can help you stay on top of your websites by helping you manage them and making sure they are always active with the latest news about your books. I am always willing to try something different as long as your willing to give it a try, we can go all out or just do a little bit, it really depends on the authors promotional budget.

I know a lot of authors have limited budgets so I like to think that at LBP I can provide a good quality services for an inexpensive price. I care about each author that comes to me with a book, I get excited with each new review, I am there to encourage when things are not going the way you wanted, or a negative review appears. I love books and I like helping authors promote their books.

If you would like to check out some of my blog tours from the past you can check out the links below:

I am currently organizing five blog tours for later in the spring and always looking for more authors to put on tour. I am also always actively seeking out reviewers that would like to sign up on my website at


Review site:

**ATTN authors*
If you need help with promoting your books, Lightning Book Promotions is the place to go. We can organize book tours, write press releases, help you get set up all over the net, what ever you need we can try and help..we will promote your book while you work on another one! Contact me

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