I wanted everyone to know about an important change in the ACFW ON-LINE BOOK CLUB!!

I have exciting and sad news for you today. Exciting in the fact that I have another opportunity to share the LOVE of BOOK CLUBS in my community in the Christian Book Store I work at. I have the opportunity to start a Co-Ed Face to Face book club. I’ve had such a great response and the book opportunities are endless.

I’m sad because I have to resign The ACFW Book Club Coordinator. I was a book club assistant for 2 ½ year and I have been your Book Club Coordinator for 2 ½ years. I’ve learned so much and have made some very special friends. I’ll still be part of the club but as a participant. You’ll still have all the great assistants here Carole Brown, Lisa Lickel, Rachael Bradford, Martha Artymenko, Kathy Cretsinger, Casey Herringshaw, Shawna Williams, Carrie Pagels and Crystal Miller.

The Board has chosen my replacement and your new Book Club Coordinator will be CRYSTAL MILLER. Crystal has been an assistant and part of the club and knows her way around. She is also been around ACFW for a long time and holds the following titles.

* IndianaChapter Vice President at American Christian Fiction Writers Indiana
* Book Club Assistant at American Christian Fiction Writers
* First Fiction Acquisitions Reader and Reviewer at Freelance
* Freelance book reviewer, fiction acquisitions reader and writer at Crystal Miller Reviews
* Self-employed writer and editor at Self employed
* Book Reviewer at Church Libraries Journal

I’ll be here to help Crystal learn the ropes for March. Crystal is going to do a great job. Let’s give a warm WELCOME to our NEW Book Club
Coordinator Crystal Miller.

appreciate your encouragement and support through the years. My
husband and I are getting busy at The Book Club Network . I'm so excited about
Bethany House being a new sponsor of the network this year. We hope to have
more contests and showcase more authors.

I truly feel that the Lord is birthing another face to face book club that's co-ed and I need to get ready. I’m
sad because this season of leading the ACFW Book Club is coming
to an end. Having ACFW Book Club in my life has been a HUGE Blessing. I'm very
thankful to have had the experience. One I'll ALWAYS treasure.

You all have been a BLESSING TO ME


Nora :o)

Nora St.Laurent
Former ACFW Book Club Coordinator
The Book Club Network 
Finding Hope Through Fiction -
Christian Fiction On-line Mag - Columnist


  1. Nora, It's been a pleasure to work with you in your role with ACFW, and I know I speak for lots of people when we say, "Thank you." Best wishes in your new endeavor.

  2. Thanks Richard. I've learned so much from so many at ACFW. Your prayers and encouragement mean so much to me. I look forward to working with you at The Book Club Network

    Blessings to you and your writing Richard!

    Nora :o)
    The Book Club Network

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