What is the most common question you get asked about decorating? What is your answer?

How can I make my home look gorgeous on a tight budget?  I think part of the beautiful part of making and decorating a home is doing so within your budget. Often times this takes great patience and creativity and is the ultimate challenge we all face. I think it has bigger implications as truly the Lord wants us to be happy and blessed within our own special and unique circumstances, so making your home beautiful on a budget is like the ultimate challenge! Can we be thankful and love our home on a budget? Yes, of course! My usual answer is this accentuates the positive! Just as you do with your friends and family concentrate on what you love the most and never obsess on what you don't like.

Can a person make every night family dinning special? If so, how? What do you do for every night family meals? Do you set the table every night or just on weekends?

Yes absolutely! Do what works for your family and don't try to imitate what might work for others. I'm a simple cook. I felt so guilty for so many years that I didn't whip up fabulous meals daily like Martha Stewart, but that just isn't me. I, clearly, feed my family but sometimes it is very simple. Sometimes it is takeout or pizza. I do love to make them always feel special so I like to celebrate little victories. When they do very well on a test at school, at something very difficult for them, When they are kind to a child at school who isn't "popular" (oh how I hate that concept!) or if they have had a hard day I will write a little note or take them to do something they love. My 15 year old son loves trains, so I will take him to film a train after dinner.  I will put a note on their plate, or their pillow. I think each mom should choose what she is good at and celebrate that!  I do typically set the table most nights, and I do love candles and some flowers, so they are always present!

You talk about making the guest feel pampered. When’s the last time you felt like a pampered guest?  What made you feel that way? What touched you the most?

When I visited my girlfriend Lorianne, in Nashville! She had a little basket of goodies by the bed and I just loved it. She had tea and shortbread out and we had tea when I arrived. I just loved it! I loved the fact that she thought about us before we arrived. She also had scripture by the bed and on the mirrors, which is such a lovely touch. Her warmth really was what touched us.

I read about your ministry Inspired 31. It was developed along with your book Inspired Design. First off what is Inspired 31 ministry and how did it start? What are your hopes and dreams of this ministry? is a mother teenage-daughter ministry whose focus is teaching teenage girls to find, follow and celebrate God's will for their lives. It began after the book launch for Inspired Design and so many mothers and daughters were so excited that a mother/daughter team did this kind of a project together. We had been praying for a year about the book project and for the Lord to be honored, and just naturally grew up out of what we found to be a deep need in our culture for moms and daughters to do something fun together. We wanted to have a venue to bring in Christian women of a variety of types and styles to show our teens (before college, where typically some teens stray from their faith) that you can use any talent the Lord has given you to honor and glorify HIM. We have authors, homemakers, newscasters, accident survivors, and some well-known speakers such as: Dannah Gresh, Susie Shelenberger, Chelsea Cameron to speak to the girls about all kinds of subjects from purity to kindness to convictions and more.

The teenage girls wanted a casual tea atmosphere, which was a bit different than the mothers had planned. We went with the girls idea which turns out was brilliant! We have a feminine style gathering, yet we are presenting interesting and vibrant ideas for the girls. They go up on stage and essentially run the afternoon, alongside their mothers. We aren't a bible study, nor are we a youth group. There is no other venue like this yet, and it has caught on like crazy. Our events are now filling up with 200+ per time. We love the size of about 100-200 as ideal. There are other chapters forming, our first in Santa Barbara and another in Indiana. We are thrilled with what the Lord is doing through Inspired Design & 31! We hope to see it grow, especially in a culture such as ours in the US now to provide amazing role models for our young Christian girls. It is hard to live with the mainstream media today basically filled with images and words we don't agree with. The only images we see are popular media women or the crazy Christians. They don't typically provide us with a balanced view of Christian women. At we do!

Roxanne and Hannah you mentioned inIn“Do not underestimate the power of your home, nor the ability to change lives.”

I think it happens all the time. It begins with the invitation to come over. So many people are suffering or walking a hard journey in our culture today. Just taking time to fix a meal and have the time to pay attention to someone else is noteworthy by itself. Writing an encouraging word on a place card or scripture at each person’s plate is a lovely encouragement for everybody. In our culture today we have been brainwashed to believe if we aren't the "best" at whatever we do or a superior cook or decorator we shouldn't have people over. I hear that all the time at speaking engagements or radio interviews and emails, that women feel they aren't good at it. Most women however are wonderful at making people feel better, especially their family and loved ones. Just simply do that. It isn't about how amazing your house is or how complicated the recipe, what matters is that you "Practice Hospitality, according to Romans 12:13". It doesn't say that we Perfect Hospitality, it says Practice it! My husband and I often have people over who are struggling with something they are finding utterly overwhelming: whether a financial issue, a parenting issue, or simply life in general. Just knowing someone has a few hours for them often is the only encouragement they need. It is simply kindness in action.

Thank you both for taking the time to share your hearts and ministry with me. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to read your beautiful, inspiring and heart felt book. My husband and I are the co-founders of The Book Club Network

We’d love for you to put up your book signings and book events at the site for all to so. We’d also like you to put up a page about your ministry. I think this could catch on all through the USA. Out site is all over the world. I’d love for people to find out about your book and also the Inspired 31 ministry.  Membership to Network is free. Loved to see you both there.

Thanks again to Audrea for setting up this interview and giving me the review copy of your book.
Nora St.Laurent
The Book Club Network


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