They collected the cover charge before we entered the store

I was interviewing Lisa Wingate to feature at The Book Club Network  Our sponsor Bethany House Publishers was featuring her and her new book  Blue Moon  in February. I began to write her book signings in the event section of TBCN and noticed she was going to be in Marietta, GA in March. Not to far from the Atlanta area. I asked our book club members if they wanted to go on a road trip. Not only were we able to meet Lisa Wingate but we'd get to meet Maggie Brendan and Denise Hildreth Jones. Oh, happy day.
Pictures taken outside The Book Exchange
Love the stars in the ceiling at The Book Exchange
Table set up for the authors with their books

The Book Exchange is the book store the event was held at, in Marietta. It's a cozy shop that sells used and new books. As you can see she is very frugel with the space she has. I loved the stars on her ceiling. There was a cover charge of $5.00 for the night. This covered the food served at the vent.

All three authors speaking -Store owner introducing them
Food displayed for book event
The store owner got up to introduce the authors and their books. She also shared about their book club. April was going to be their club's movie night. They were going to see Hunger Games and then read the book and discuss it over dinner. Sounds like fun.

The finger food, goodies and drinks were good and the table was set up nice. The first one to get up and talk was Lisa Wingate. She shared a little bit about how she became published and then started writing Christian Fiction. She also talked about growing up in a city atmosphere and then later went on to life in a small town for several years. It made her laugh when she thought of the things that happened in a small town that don't happen anywhere else. She shared a true store from her new book, Blue Moon Bay! It was a hoot!

Maggie Brendan got up and shared a little on how she came to writing Christian Fiction Novels. She was inspired by her older brother who was a published author. He encouraged her to write what the Lord was laying on her heart. She started to do that at different points in her life but she really got motivated once her kids were grown up and she attended a women's retreat. She also shared about how she came up for the idea for her new Blue Willow Brides series. The first book is called Deeply Devoted and the second book is called Twice Promised. It will be out later on this year.

Then Denise Hildreth Jones stood up and shared her journey to publication. It wasn't like the other two. Denise never aspired to be a writer. She went to Nashville to be a singer. While she was working her day job at the Air Conditioner store waiting for her big break in music someone approached her and asked if she would consider being a ghost writer. There was a need and this person thought she could fulfill it. She said she didn't write but felt lead to give it a try. A few books later and she got an idea for a series to write about. That's when the Savannah from Savannah series was born. She did very well with that series. The Lord inspired her with other stories. Like the one she shared that night. It's called The First Gardner.  Denise read the first pages of her new book.  As she read she became her characters. So did Lisa Wingate. It was neat to see how the author becomes the character they wrote about. I'll remember this when I read their books. It was a great night and I learned so much.
Then it came picture time. Someone was kind enough to take out pictures together. Sharen, Me, Lisa Wingate, Maggie Brendan, Denise Hildreth Jones and Gail. Only three ladies from Finding Hope Book Club came. We had a blast and as always it's wonderful to hear the authors speak about why they write Christian Fiction. It gives the reader a glimpse into their souls and where they get their inspiration from. Lisa went on to participate in a large Book Festival in Florida and everyone else headed back home. 

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It was Great to meet these authors. It was also fun to meet the store owner that runs a book club in her store.

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  1. It was a blast! I enjoyed seeing you again and the ladies at the bookstore couldn't be nicer & food was great. It was fun to meet Lisa and Denise--both delightful! Thanks for the write-up. :) Hugs to you, my friend. Mags

  2. It was so much fun. It was a blast Maggie. Every time I hear you speak I learn something new about your journey to publication. It blesses me to see how God works through us.

    I really enjoyed this new book of yours Deeply Devoted. I can't wait to read the next one.


    Nora St.Laurent
    The Book Club Network

  3. Lisa Wingate
    4/13/12 a facebook comment I had to copy over here. She wrote this on her wall and tagged me!

    Such a great night, so many wonderful book lovers, such an awesome bookstore, and a chance to spend time with Maggie Brendan and Denise Hildreth Jones! Great recap of the night from Nora St.Laurent of The (equally awesome, might I add) Book Club Network. That night was just a blast. Great pictures from Nora, too.

  4. Lisa Wingate had more to say on Facebook. I just had to share! I think she and the other authors I heard talk that night are da bomb too! Grin!

    Aww... love the blog and how you summed up the night, Nora! It was so much fun, and getting to meet you in person after having just worked with you on The Book Club Network was awesome! You are da bomb, girl!!!

  5. Thank you for your post and photos Nora! I enjoyed them very much. I am a bit envious though! Would love to meet Lisa, Maggie and Denise. I'm looking forward to reading their books!


  6. It was crazy driving across town but it was worth it. I've met Maggie Brendan a few times as she has done a book signing at the store I work at a few times.

    Denise Hildreth Jones spoke at our book club meetings too. What I enjoyed that the ladies die was read from their books. I hadn't seen them do that before. I LOVE how they take on the character they are reading about. It gives you a great insight into what the character is all about and how they wrote them. LOVED it.