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Kacy Barnett Gramckow is the author of Moody Publisher's THE GENESIS TRILOGY. Kacy is also writing YA Biblical Fantasy under the pen name R.J. Larson. Her first fantasy novel, PROPHET, is scheduled to be published in Spring 2012 by Bethany House Publishers!

She lives in Colorado with her husband and their two sons.

Where did you get the idea for Prophet?

Two years ago at this time, I woke up from a troubling dream. I’d seen a young woman in a dark chamber, making a difficult, life-altering, potentially fatal choice. The few details I saw in the dream pointed to a fantasy plot with a strong scriptural thread, and I couldn’t ignore the young woman, Ela. She was in danger. I had to follow her storyline!

Did you face any particular creative challenges in writing Prophet?
Yes. I’d never expected to write fantasy fiction—historical and Biblical fiction have been my focus—so I had to imagine an entire “otherworld” realm. What did the inhabitants of this world wear? How could I find their names? Which traditions in this new culture, or cultures, could my girl-prophet challenge? Which ones must she obey? What about the landscape? Flora and fauna? And…monsters?   

Kacy & Jerry her sweetie (husband)
Can you tell us something about your Christian testimony?

I was raised in a devout Catholic family and loved my childhood faith. But when I was thirteen, I worked at a Christian camp—a ranch. After listening to the camp leaders reading and explaining the scriptures, I realized my personal Catholic beliefs and previous infant baptism weren’t enough to reconcile my soul with the Lord’s eternal plan. I offered my heart to Him, and though I’m not perfect, I’ve never looked back. The Lord has worked through every circumstance in my life, bringing good from each trial, and from each joy!

Nora: I was raised Catholic but our family wasn't devout. I became a Christian in 9th grade which didn't make my parents happy. It was after the Jim Jones massacre in Africa and my parents were afraid I hooked with a religious cult. I can't understand it was a scary time. They didn't understand why I wasn't going to Catholic church after I got saved. To help keep the peace I went to both churches the one I grew up spiritually in and the Catholic church. I haven't done things perfect either but I'll never regret giving my whole heart and life to Him to do what He would with it! Thanks for sharing your testimony!

Could you tell me how the book cover process works for you? The cover of your book is beautiful, just wondered if you had a say in how they turned out?  Also wondering how involved you are in this process?

Isn’t the cover beautiful?! I love the colors and Ela’s “communing with the Infinite” expression. Typically, Bethany House’s editors and designers ask for author input. In my case, for Prophet, one of the designers, Wes, sent an email full of options for Ela’s clothes. By the time I finished reviewing the choices, I felt as if I’d been on an amazing shopping spree without spending a dime. The gown Ela is wearing is the one I chose, with a few embellishments!

Nora: Yes, the cover is eye catching and lovely! Looking forward to reading what's inside. It's inviting!

Can you give us a sneak peek into what book you are working on right now? When does it release?

I’m waiting for edits on volume 2 of the Books of the Infinite series. Judge releases on November 1st and is Kien’s story—the male protagonist from Prophet. As the title hints, Kien is bent on doing what is right in his own eyes, which is the premise of Judges 21:25. His Creator, however, has other plans for the self-certain Judge Kien!

Is being an author everything you thought it would be? What surprised you?

For the most part, yes. My husband is an editor and his sister is an editor/author, so I knew I’d be in for long hours alone at the computer, lost in my own world. The shocker is online marketing. It seems that every time I turn around, there’s a new site to join, or another online activity that grabs my attention. Pinterest has been my latest lure. And Facebook—Big trouble! I suspect I’ll need to set a timer and be stern with myself about drifting from site to site while doing promotional work! Time has become so precious that I haven’t had a haircut in months. I’ve been referring to my new “up-do” as “deadline hair”. I MUST schedule a haircut. :D

What is your goal or mission as a Christian writer?

To present the Lord’s word in a new realm, offering fresh insights to readers of all ages as they study His scriptures! As my editor/husband often reminds me, when I write, I’m serving as a missionary while offering readers a new fantasy realm. It’s a humbling thought….


What are three things you wouldn’t want to live without? – (Besides family and Bible that’s a given)

Dear friends, books, and cooking—which would ensure access to food, heat, and water! :D

Your friend has a time machine and they’re going to let you use it for a while. Where would you go and what would you do?

I would vanish in a heartbeat to the time of Noah and explore the post-Flood earth before the tribes were scattered. All the knowledge of earth’s ancient tribes was encapsulated in that one relatively small area—and Noah and his sons and their wives were still alive, of course. Imagine the chance to study the foundation of our present world!

What are two places you’d like to visit if you had a chance? Why?

All of Great Britain, for its history and high tea, and Petra, because its beautiful seemingly remote images have always intrigued me.

If you had the opportunity to hang out with any two people alive or dead for 48 hours, who would you pick and what would you do? (besides Jesus)

Two great queens: Elizabeth I, and Esther—both strong women who overcame tremendous odds and deadly adversaries.

Name three favorite books you read as a child?

Little Women, The Children’s Bible from Storybook Press, and the entire set of Andrew Lang’s fairy tales. Now that I think of it…between the Children’s Bible and Andrew Lang’s works…the scriptures set in a fantasy realm as Prophet was a natural for me. I should have seen Ela coming!


Thanks and blessings, dear readers! Without you, writers would have no audience—we love you!!!

And thank you, Nora! I’ve enjoyed this interview.

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Thank you RJ. It’s been great fun to get to know you and your debut novel. It’s been fun. I’m EXCITED about the Giveaway @TBCN on APRIL 19th-21st 

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It’s been fun to get to know you and your book.

Blessings on your writing adventures.


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  1. Loved the interview--and learned some new facts about Kacy (aka: R.J. Larson), even though she's my sister-in-law. LOL! Blessings, Kacy and Nora!

  2. LOL! Kathi, is that you???!!! :D
    Nora, I enjoyed this interview, thank you!!!!

  3. Thanks Kathi and RJ for stopping by. It was great to get to know you and your books better. I enjoyed the interview too and the fun questions you have up @ The Book Club Network. People are having fun answering the questions!! I hope you've checked it our RJ

    Nora :o)
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  4. Hey Nora, this is Rachel from ACFW Book Club (one of your former helpers). :) I also got a chance to read Prophet before it came out for publication. I really enjoyed it. I put my review of it on my blog:

    My blog's target audience isn't necessarily Christian, though, so I look at the book from a slightly different perspective (trying to encourage non-Christian fiction readers to read it as well).