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℗ 2012 LifeWay Worship

***Special thanks to Rick Roberson for sending me a review copy.***

Radio personality, recording artist, speaker and author Lisa Troyer finds herself heart-deep in ministries that are changing lives forever. Her incredibly successful Circle of Friends women's ministry, formed over a decade ago, is growing in all directions. With ministry and songwriting partner Dawn Yoder, Lisa and her Circle of Friends offer women's conferences, leadership training, counseling services, worship music, life skills classes and marriage/family resources. No matter the outlet or the venue, Lisa uses her gift of encouragement, her influence and her resources to open doors for women everywhere to discover their significance and belonging through Christ.

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Every woman needs acceptance, love and a place to belong. That's the underlying theme of the new music CD, A Place to Belong (Lifeway Worship), from singer/songwriter Lisa Troyer, president of Circle of Friends Ministries. Refreshingly authentic and dynamic, the companion worship CD to Troyer's recently released book, A Place to Belong: Out of Our Comfort Zone and into God's Adventure (Barbour Publishing), tenderly draws women into a place of true freedom and belonging in the very heart of God.

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Product Details:
$7.92 or $0.99 per song
Genres: Christian and Gospel, Music
Released: Mar 23, 2012
℗ 2012 LifeWay Worship



A Place to Belong
By Lisa Troyer
Published by Barbour

Review: I really enjoyed the mellow and worshipful sound and feel of this CD. The CD’s melodies and voices reminded me of James Taylor, Carle Simon and Ann Murray! Most songs had guitar with other instruments as filler to make a well rounded sound.

The book a Place to Belong by Lisa Troyer explores five principles that address the heart needs of women today. They are acceptance, embarking on adventure in relationship authenticity, exchanging the familiar for the extraordinary affirmation, enriching the lives of those around your accountability, receiving the comfort of companionship action, stepping into the journey and walking into the purpose.

I believe that the songs on this CD help enforce the five principles. The CD brings the listener a feeling of comfort and peace while you listen to it. I listen to it in my car. It’s a great way to handle Atlanta traffic on the way to work. Grin! It’s an encouraging, worshipful CD!

Nora St.Laurent
The Book Club Network


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  3. I have not read the book and would enjoy these songs. Thank you for giving the five principles. I like a worship CD plus the style of the singers/songwriters you mention!