The Touch
by Randall Wallace
Published by Tyndall Publishers

Review: Randall Wallace spoke at the Christy awards this year. He was engaging, witty, authentic and funny. Of course the first thing he did was spill a glass of water at his table. The second action he took was to blush. The water glass accident and subsequent blushing were endearing. I mention all of this because Mr. Wallace is unpretentious and likable and so are the characters in his screenplays and books. 

His screenplays include: Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, The Man in The Iron Mask and Pearl Harbor. He has also written 8 books.

He shared a story of coming to the end of himself, financially, and praying. He basically said "God it is up to you" and he sat down and began to write the Oscar winning screenplay for Braveheart.

Enough background. Let me share about The Touch. It is a love story and a miracle. You can find a synopsis on almost every site that sells books. My understanding is that the book is selling quickly so you may have to search a bit to find one. This story line is from Wallace Entertainment:

"Andrew Jones was once one of the few surgeons in the world to have that rare, God-given ability called The Touch. But after failing to save his young fiance, Faith, at the scene of a car accident, Jones abandons his gift and shuns the operating room.

Lara Blair owns a Chicago-based biomedical engineering company developing a surgical tool that will duplicate precisely the movement of a surgeon’s hands, reducing or eliminating failed surgical procedures. Lara has pursued the best surgeons in the world to test this surgical tool, and all of them have failed.

As Lara pursues Jones’s skill for her project, Jones’s stubborn resistance cracks, and he begins to open up to her about the wounds that still haunt him. But when Jones discovers the urgency behind Lara’s work, he must choose to move beyond his past. As each is forced to surrender secret fears, they are bonded together through the lives of the people Jones serves and by the healing secret that Faith left behind."

Let me ask you a question? (feel free to leave a comment :-)) 

What is it that draws you into the characters and the story? What rivets you to the book? (OK I know I asked two questions.)

For me it is the dialogue.

There is an agent I know who decides whether or not he will work with you based on how well you write dialogue. 

One more question: What is it that makes a movie great? Dialogue! Well the dialogue in The Touch will compel you through this book. That I expected before I picked it up. What surprised me was the descriptive writing that Mr Wallace uses to place me firmly in the scene that is taking place. This book is genius from the first touch of God's finger on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to the final touch of the pen to that last page of the book. This book is magic. The kind of Love that takes a touch that brings tragedy and makes it a miracle.

You will enjoy this trip up the Appalachian trial, the people you will meet, and the love you will see.  I did and I can't recommend it enough. I can't wait to see the movie :-) and you shouldn't either! (Go buy the book right away!)
Catching up w/Randall Wallace in Atlanta @ 2011 Christys

Fred St.Laurent
The Book Club Network


  1. I read this and enjoyed it immensely. The characters were very well developed and the story.... priceless! At first I thought Lara was a cold, scientific type - never guessing the purpose of her drive. Andrew... I was so sad for him. I loved his ministry with the Appalachian people. Great book! I read it because of seeing it posted and reviews on BookFun.

  2. Fun series! I love seeing the pictures of you with all these authors, Nora! Would love to go to the Christys someday.