A Wreath of Snow 
By Liz Curtis Higgs
Published by Waterbrook
ISBN# 978-1400072170
224 Pages

Back Cover: Wrapped in a cloud of steam, the engine rolled to a stop, the screech of metal against metal filling the frosty air. Snow blew across the railway platform and around Meg’s calfskin walking boots. The weather definitely was not improving.

She ordered tea with milk and sugar, eying the currant buns and sweet mincemeat tarts displayed beneath a bell jar. Later, perhaps, when her appetite returned. At the moment her stomach was twisted into a knot.

“Anything else for you?” the cashier asked as she handed over the tea, steaming and fragrant.

Meg was surprised to find her fingers trembling when she lifted the cup. “All I want is a safe journey home.”

“On a day like this?” the round-faced woman exclaimed. “None but the Almighty can promise you that, lass.”

Review: Liz Curtis Higgs pens moving story that driving home the real meaning of Christmas in her new novella I was thrilled to receive a review copy of. This novella is a Victorian Christmas, in Scotland, 1894.

The two main characters captured my heart as they interact with each other one snowy night on a train. They are both headed in different destinations but troubles with the train derailing have them on the same path seeking shelter for the night from the cold.

This story was easy to read and will help you get into the Christmas spirit as you experience these characters struggle in returning home to a place that didn’t have fond memories for either of them. It was a place to be avoided because of the pain and fear it conjured up.

On the train Gordon realizes who Meg is. A surprising excitement rises up in him as he sees an opportunity to seek forgiveness for a horrible accident that happened in their childhood. He tried to ask for their forgiveness then but no one would listen, they didn’t see it as an accident. The event changed Meg’s family forever. Was he selfish to seek their forgiveness and bring up the past with its memories? Meg was sweet to him now because she didn’t know who he was, how would she treat him when she found out?

This author writes about a period time gone by when the value of family was strong and home and honesty were gifts to be treasured. Her main characters are complex and carry the weight of unforgiveness like a heavy load on their backs. Unforgiveness holds them hostage to the horrible childhood event. It makes the pain fresh and they live the experience over and over again. Liz shows through her characters. forgiveness is a gift from God to set us free from the pain of the past. God gives us many chances to be set free from the chains that hold us back from really receiving all he has for us. It’s the greatest Christmas gift of all. It’s one to be passed on for sure!

Meg finally realizes who Gordon is and considers his request. Could she put herself and her family through the pain of the past?

Gordon Shaw is not the person she remembered as a child. He was a man who was humbled, changed and seeking to do the right thing. Would Meg give him that chance?

This is a story that will warm your heart and get you focused on the reason for the season. It includes a yummy recipe and questions good for family and book club discussions.

Nora St.Laurent
TBCN Where Book Fun Begins!


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