MY BIG BOTTOM BLESSING by Teasi Cannon Reviewed

My Big Bottom Blessing 
By Teasi Cannon
Published by Worthy Publishing
215 Pages

Back Cover: The media feeds us distorted images of beauty and what an "ideal woman" should look like. In My Big Bottom Blessing, author Teasi Cannon offers a way out of distorted body images and the pain of self-rejection. She says, "My obsession with fat and failure robbed me of a lot of the good in my life. I have been miraculously set free from the lie that being thin equals being beautiful."

My Big Bottom Blessing offers Teasi's story--and real-life solutions for the millions of women who struggle with poor self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy and rejection. Whatever it is that you despise most about yourself (it doesn't have to be weight) can become the catalyst for serious life change. Teasi' story proves that emotional pain can be healed and self-confidence found from knowing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

My Big Bottom Blessing is a joyful, compassionate, and wise guide from someone who knows the power of exchanging the way we look with a new way of seeing.

Review: I’m thankful for the review copy of a book that introduced me to Teasi Cannon and the courage she had to be so transparent as she shared her heart with readers. Teasi’s book is fun to read, inspirational and humorous. She talks about helpful tools for those who are dealing with pain and struggling to walk out who God says they are because of the lies they’ve believed. The author gives the reader hope and helps them get to the point tho believe they are beautiful in Gods eyes.

Teasi says, “This obsession we have with weight and physical appearance is crazy – especially from a Christian perspective. Think about this: The value that has been placed upon being thin is not a value that has been given by God. In fact, the Bible is pretty clear that what matters most to the Lord is the appearance of the heart…so, who do you think is behind this value inflation? Could it be the father of lies the devil? Who else would want to keep us distracted and weighed down by things that matter so little? Who else would have us to hate the very flesh God made?”

Don’t you love how she says that? So, so true! Each chapter deals with a subject, then asks the reader What about you? How do you feel? Teasi asks questions to have you think and space in the book to actually write down their thoughts. It’s a built in discussion time. Topics discussed.

1. Negative thoughts exposed
2. Private prayers revealed
3. Worldly desires divulged
4. Fickle feelings
5. Misperceptions unmasked
6. Owning up to Orphan ways
7. Weighty words
8. Facing forgiveness
9. Behold the beauty
10. Beating the Beast

The author gives the reader pep talks all through the book. What would Jesus focus on – getting the real stuff, unconditional love, security, affirmation, and purpose?

Teasi says this about herself and her focus on being thin, “Even more ridiculous is the fact that my obsession with fat and failure robbed me of a lot of the good in my life…..everywhere…I was always aware of my weight, and that awareness kept me from truly living…I’m choosing to believe what God says to me in the bible now. That’s final. I get a-do-over.” We all do. That’s the exciting part.

This book is one you’ll read and refer to over and over again. It’s definitely one to share with you friends. Re-reading the book you’ll discover something new. God will use it to heal another part of your wounded heart.

Each time you read the book you’ll have the courage to see yourself the way God sees you. God will reveal more lies we believe and help us walk in the truth that will set us free. The author reminds us we are all a work in progress! I highly recommend this book.

Nora St.Laurent
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