ABOUT AUTHOR: Lynette Eason is the author of Too Close to Home, Don't Look Back, and three other romantic suspense novels. She is a member of American Fiction Christian Writers and Romance Writers of America. A homeschooling mother of two, she has a master's degree in education from Converse College. She lives in South Carolina.

How did you come up with the idea for this series? Deadly Reunion – and this book When a Heart Stops?

I was watching a television show about an innocent little thing called a high school reunion. And my brain just started weaving scenarios. I started asking those, “what if” questions and before long, I had a tagline: Three friends plus a secret equals a killer high school reunion. I originally had thought to make it a six book series, but he publisher only wanted three books. Which turned out to be the better idea. I don’t know if I could have kept readers’ interest for that long.

What do you hope readers take away from this series? 

I want readers to take away the fact that God is there even in the bad stuff. I want them to look for Him in every situation. To reconnect if they've been distant from God, to find his forgiveness and accept it. And I want them to say, “Wow. That was one of the best stories I've ever read!”

Energy and emotions are engaged by the reader from the start, as Serena Hopkins wakes up and realizes someone is in her home looking through her things. Serena pretends to be asleep when she hears the intruder in her room she thinks, “What should I do? Move and draw attention to herself? Continue to pretend to be asleep?” Given you were in this situation Lynette what would you do? 

I probably would have simply just passed out from fear. LOL. I really don’t know what I would have done. I have kids so as long as he was in my room, he’s not in theirs, right? I probably would have done what Serena did and just laid there and prayed he left. Then grabbed a brass lamp and followed him to make sure he didn’t get anywhere near my kids. I sleep with my phone next to me so I would have probably found a way to call 911. But seriously, who knows what we’ll do in a situation like that, until, God forbid, we’re in a situation like that!

We live in a society where crazy things happen to people every day. We wake up and turn on the TV to hear of someone going into a movie theater and shoots people randomly. It’s hard to not be controlled by fear as we go out of our homes each day. What advice to you give readers in dealing with situations like the one you've described. Because with home invasions like the one you describe in your book, our home isn't safe either. Is there a scripture you cling to? Something you tell yourself as you dig up info in researching your book so fear doesn't take over your emotions? 

This is a great question. You know, I research a lot of icky stuff. Stuff that could take over, as you said, my emotions, fill me with fear, etc. But God is bigger than all the bad stuff I research and I do a lot of praying for protection of my mind. I may read about a serial killer and ask God, “What was your plan for him, Lord? What could he have done with his life if only He had turned to you?” And I wonder. But I don’t linger. I get the stuff I need and move on. I watch I LOVE LUCY reruns and laugh. I make sure I don’t dwell on where my research takes me. And I thank God for blessing me with the ability to do what I do. One scripture that I love is: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 and also, Philippians 6-7: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

What is the draw for you in writing these types of stories? What do you hope the reader learns? Takes away from this series? 

The draw is the puzzle. The mystery, the spine tingling feeling suspense gives you, the desire to know what happens next. When I get immersed in a great story, I can push aside reality for a while. I can forget about troubles and angst and worry. And if the book has a good faith message, I can spend a little time with God, too. I want my readers to take away a sense that they've just survived an incredible adventure and God was there with them the whole way. Then I want them to take that experience and apply it to their everyday life. They may not be running from the bad guys, but whatever is going on, they can rest assured God is right there with them.
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There are so many crime shows on T.V. right now CSI, Blue Blood, Elementary, Sherlock Holmes etc. What are your favorites and why? 

I love Elementary, the new Sherlock Holmes. I also enjoy Castle and Hawaii 5-0. I like Elementary because my mind doesn't work anything like Holmes and he can surprise me. I like Castle because it’s just silly. And I like Hawaii 5-0 because I enjoy the camaraderie between Danno and McGarrett. One of my all time favorite shows is NCIS Los Angeles. I just love the characters.

Can you give us a peek into what you are working on right now and when it will be published? 

Right now, I’m working on my third series with Revell. I don’t have release dates yet, but late 2013 or early 2014 will see book #1 come out. The last in the Deadly Reunions series comes out May 2013. It’s called WHEN A SECRET KILLS.


You've been given the opportunity to use a time machine. Where would you go and what would you do? 

I would go ten years into the future to see what my kids were up to and with that knowledge, come back and either redirect or encourage!

Where did you live growing up? What did you like about growing up there? 

I lived in Greenville, South Carolina. I had an ideal childhood and loved just hanging out with my friends and running the neighborhood.

Name two jobs that you've had people might be surprised at. 

I worked at Bojangles in high school and I worked at a retail store! Both were jobs I hated and I didn't last long at either.

Name three everyday things you’d not want to live without. 

My God, my family, and my laptop.

What movie greatly impacted you as a child? Why? If you didn't watch movies as a kid what book affected you? 

I was a book worm. Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Sweet Valley High. I loved them all! They are the reason I write what I write today.


Thanks so much for having me here! I love to connect with my readers. You can find me on twitter: @lynetteeason or facebook: and my website is . I’m also part of a new blog called Suspense Sisters. There are nine of us top suspense authors that have joined together to talk about writing mysteries and suspense and give away lots of prizes! You can follow along with us at .


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