ABOUT AUTHOR: Lynette Eason has written/contracted thirty-one books since 2007. She has thirteen Love Inspired Suspense books on the shelf with more due to release soon. Lynette also writes for Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Her current release, WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS hit #8 on the CBA bestsellers list this year. Currently, she is working on her third series for Revell and just signed and eight book contract for Love Inspired Suspense. She has been teaching for more than ten years and is very happy to make the transition from teaching school to teaching writing whenever the opportunity presents. She is married, has two children, and lives in Spartanburg, SC.

What research did you do for this story? Anything surprise you in your research? If so, what was it?

I had to a ton of research for this one. Mostly how the US Marshals protect someone, their procedures, etc. I also had to do quite a bit of research on organized crime. That was really interesting. And scary, too. There are a LOT of bad guys out there!

What inspired you to write When a Secret Kills? How did you get the idea for this story?
  This is the third book in the series and I had to make sure I tied up all the loose ends in a tidy yet surprising manner. My FANS inspired me to write it. LOL. Seriously, I got so much “hate” email because of the cliffhangers in the first two books that I knew I really had to deliver a winner of a last book.

I simply sat down and brainstormed it. I started out thinking that writing about friends from high school would be cool. Then I decided they needed to share a secret. Then I decided they needed to all be coming back for their high school reunion—add in romantic reunions as well as a killer and you've got WHEN A SECRET KILLS, book 3 of the Deadly Reunions series.

Nora: Oh, Yeah! That works!

What do you hope readers take away from When a Secret Kills?

First of all, I want readers to love the story and come away feeling like they got MORE than their money’s worth.  I also want them to see the spiritual thread. To realize redemption isn’t a fairy tale. That forgiveness is a real and God wants each person to come to know Him and have a personal relationship with Him.

Nora: I look forward to reading it. I love when spiritual threads are woven into the story naturally and have readers walk way knowing the things you mentioned! Great stuff!

With the events of this the Boston Marathon and the shoot out at the movie theater  has it made you think twice about attending events with large crowds of people? What do you think would be your first reaction if you were attending either of these events and gun fire broke out?

Your main character Jillian saysshe is tired of living in fear, constantly watching over her shoulder, wondering if this would be the day she’d die.” What gives her the courage to face her fears and to stop running? She knows she’s been found. When her friend is killed in her place, she’s mad. She wants justice and maybe some revenge. She’s beyond scared, but furious too. And she has people she loves to protect, so she takes that adrenaline, that fear, and that fury and goes forward.”  

What advice do you give people if they face these situations or similar in the future?

Boston was a horrific thing. It’s heartbreaking that people want to kill others simply because of their nationality. I mean it’s awful to want to kill anyone period, of course, but simply because a person was born in a specific place?? That’s just so sad. I had several friends who were there that day. All of them medical doctors. One of them performed my thyroid surgery 14 years ago. I know for a fact that they immediately stopped to help the injured. One was an ER doctor whose wife is a nurse. She and my mother in law worked together. Theresa was running the race and her husband (the ER doc) was standing at the finish line. He moved down, away from the finish line, to get a glimpse of his wife. And then the bombs went off. The doctor didn't hesitate. He went to work trying to save people. And people are alive today because of his quick actions.

I would like to think that I would act as heroically. But I don’t think anyone knows what they would do when placed in such a mind-numbing situation. I know if my kids were there, I would be frantic making sure they were safe. I don’t really have any advice. I can’t give advice for that kind of situation. You asked if I think twice about going to crowded areas. And yes, I do. I don’t just think twice about it, I think about it the whole time I’m there, keeping alert and watchful. It’s a sad way to live sometimes, but it’s our world today unfortunately.

Nora: We do live in a crazy world. Wow, I had no idea you know people in the Boston Marathon. I'm reminded of the scripture verse I say to myself a lot, "God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind!" If we give into fear the enemy wins! We already know the end and who really wins. Thanks for sharing your heart about this event Lynette!

Why write Christian Fiction? What’s the draw for you?

I write Christian fiction because I want to be able to put the faith element in the stories. I love God and I want to make his love known to others. He’s given me the opportunity to do that through fiction and I just love that.

Nora: That's the reason I only read Christian Fiction. I want to read books that confirm my beliefs, strengthen my faith and not scare me to death. I also want to have the opportunity and feel compassion for people as I walk in their shoes for a while in a book. I'm thankful for your opportunity to write in this genre Lynette.


What movie affected most you when you were young? If you didn't watch movies what books affected you most? 

I remember watching The Sound of Music. Knowing it was based on a true story had a profound impact on me. That an entire family had to flee in order stay alive and not compromise their beliefs. I just thought that was amazing. And I loved the love story of Captain Von Trapp and Maria. It was suspenseful and beautiful all at the same time. As for books, I loved Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

You are shipwrecked on an uninhabited tropical island with a group of Christians – all friends and relatives of yours. You all have to work as a team to survive. Many roles have to be filled. Which role do you think you’d play? 

The mediator when all the fighting and arguing broke out. LOL

When it’s time for you to relax and read which way do you enjoy reading and why – digital or paper books? What types of stories to you like to read?

 I like both. If I’m lying in bed, I prefer my ipad or iphone. If I’m in the tub, I prefer a paperback. For obvious reasons!

What is your favorite suspense show on T.V.? Why is it your favorite?

I LOVE NCIS Los Angeles. I love it because of the characterization and the dialogue. Kenzi, Deeks, Sam and Callen. The action/adventure stuff is fun, too, but adore the characters. J 


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