Today some GOOD NEWS and SAD NEWS!

(Kathi Macias talking about her novel People of the Book! Great discussion, life changing book and transparent author!) - I miss our meeting space too! Our store has down sized - we no longer have this place!

GOOD NEWS! The Book Club Network is taking off and BOOK FUN his happening there and BOOK FUN MAGAZINE DAILY! 

SAD NEWS!! I've run a face to face book club called FINDING HOPE for about 8 years now. The Last meeting will be held at the Christian book store I work on OCTOBER 21st 2013. 

I'm sad because I've grown used to giggling with this special bunch of ladies each month. I've enjoyed the treasures they've found in the books they've voted on reading. I've watched how you've cared and encouraged each other! I'll miss that. I also love the questions and book ideas you've had for authors we've talked to each month.

BOOK FUN MAGAZINE is taking off and I don't want to miss the opportunity to meet new authors and their books. The Book Club Network is full of Book Fun Excitement as well with new books being featured monthly, giveaways and book clubs sharing their ideas and picks. Now that I work 40 hours a week outside my home I can't keep up with all the things I used to be able to do!

I will miss our monthly meetings my friends TREMENDOUSLY but I know that I'll see some of you when you shop at the Christian Book Store I work at and/or ask me or drop in so we can have lunch together. I'm always available! Grin!

THANKS to all the authors who have stopped by and spoken to Finding Hope Book Club Through the years! It's been a blessing to encourage you and read your books! Loved the interaction and the time and energy it took for you to ADD us to your Atlanta Adventures!! From all of us THANK YOU for making our book club experience more fun!

THANKS to all of the authors that took the time to chat with on the phone! You listened to us, laughed with us and I know that my ladies gave you a book idea or two!! Grin! They are creative that way! Thanks for your great questions you've asked us and your help in making the book club experience SPECIAL!!

THANKS to my boss  for helping me take the book club experience to a whole new level! Thanks to Ane Mulligan for asking me to run a book club in the first place and for insisting I ask God about doing this when I had told her ," Ane I don't read. Why would I want to run a book club? Grin! Didn't I tell you I'm dyslexic?"

It doesn't matter Ane said, "I have a feeling about this! Go do God and see what He says. I think you'll be surprised!" Oh, yes, I was Ane! Even more surprised when my boss sat me down a few months later and asked me to run a book club at the christian book store I work at! I was convinced he had talked to Ane! Grin! As the discussion went on with my boss I knew him and Ane had not talked but both of them talked to God about this step. I have to tell you I sat up straight and listened! Ok, God. I'm all ears!

I know that the Lord is doing a great work at The Book Club Network and Book Fun Magazine! I'm ready to join him there!

PLEASE PRAY!!! for me and Finding Hope Members as we make this transition and see where the Lord takes us next! It's hard! I'm excited for the new opportunities but change is never easy!



  1. Good morning, I am a member of the bookfunmazine and bookclubnetwork...lot of moving within the pages there...Fred and Nora doing tremendous work and opening a lot of doors to readers and authors, I know you are going to meet a lot of folks you know and some new ones too..
    bittersweet moments can be some of the best as you move forward..
    Paula O(

  2. THANKS Paula for your encouragement and prayers! I agree with you! This was a hard post to write!

    Thanks for your BLESSING TODAY!! I needed to hear this! Grin!