ABOUT AUTHOR:  Sandra Orchard is an award-winning author of inspirational romantic suspense with Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense imprint, and Revell Publishing. She is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America and The Word Guild (Canada). A mother of three grown children, she lives in NiagaraCanada with her real-life-hero husband and now writes full time…when not doting on their first grandchild.  You can learn more about Sandra’s books and bonus features at or connect at

What research did you do for this story? Anything surprise you in your research? If so, what was it?

I did a lot of research into poisons, plants, and herbal remedies. Let me tell you, I learned enough to be dangerous! Several intriguing tidbits are included in the book. I also attended the first Writers’ Police Academy to help me better understand my ex-FBI-turned-detective hero. The most fascinating part was using the firearms training simulator. In one scenario I had to take down a hostage taker, and the experience was so realistic, I experienced all the visceral reactions an officer in the field would, reactions that gave me lots to draw upon when writing.

In your dedication that said, “For my husband, Michael, - who believes in me so much, he’s not the least bit worried to find me thumbing through a book of poison’s at the kitchen counter.” Do you ever wonder or worry that the people that monitor Google or other search engines might flag your account? Contact you about your searches? If so, what is your plan if they do contact you? If not, why aren't you worried? 

I don’t “worry” about it, but it often crosses my mind when I do certain searches. An author on one of the suspense loops I’m on said her computer was confiscated after 9-11 due to her web searches. And telling the authorities she was a writer didn't stop them from taking it. But I think being published in the genre makes it highly doubtful the authorities would suspect I was doing anything other than research. Ooh, so if I ever write a terrorist plot novel, I should make the terrorist a novelist!

An author friend told me of a situation she had in a fast-food restaurant. She and another author friend were talking about characters in the books they are writing as they ate. A gentleman sat down close to them and could overhear their conversation. Their conversation went like this, “John has to die, Connie. He can’t do what he did and get away with it. I’m wondering how I should do it. I want something that will kill him fast. What do you suggest?” They began to discuss at length the best way to kill John off. After a while they noticed that the gentleman sitting next to them was a man in a police uniform. He was leaning toward them so he could better hear what they were saying. They realized what they had been talking about and thought they should inform the policeman that they were authors and discussing topics in their books. The officer was relieved and so were the authors. Grin! Have you had anything similar happen? Do tell?
Sandra's Undercover Look

Oh, yes, I was going grocery shopping with a writing friend. As we approached the store, we were talking about my plot, and I said, “I really need her dad to die. But how?” Well, a woman walking by us, almost gave herself whiplash, taking a second look. My friend and I laughed about it, but blithely continued the conversation throughout our brief trip into the store. We weren't laughing when we came out and there was a police car in the lot…thankfully, it didn't appear to be there for us.

Nora: LOL!

In our fast-paced world we can say this about one-another - Do we really know each other? Just like what we've seen with the Boston Marathon suspects’ number one and two. When friend and family were interviewed they couldn't believe this behavior was possible with their friends? What kept Kate in pursuit of Daisy’s killer? Why didn't she look at the evidence and come up with the same conclusion the police did?

Kate knew how important Daisy’s faith was to her, so important that she’d never consider suicide as a way out no matter what hardship might have befallen her. Kate also knew Daisy was too knowledgeable an herbalist to drink tea made from the wrong type of marigolds by mistake. Whereas in their experience, the police had seen plenty of fatal mistakes, and seen people do things utterly out of character, so the evidence logically pointed to the conclusion they drew. Kate’s challenge is that she tends to believe the best about everyone, not just her friend, which at first makes it difficult for her to suspect anyone of her friend’s murder.  

Why write Christian Fiction? What’s the draw for you?
Sandra and Grandchild

I write Christian fiction because I want my stories to be not only entertaining, but thought-provoking, inspiring and uplifting.  Reading about characters facing difficult situations and seeing how they work through them and confront challenges to their faith has inspired me in countless ways. Writing stories that might do the same for others is the draw for me.

We live in the information age where so much information is thrown at us hourly. How do we decipher what is real and important? Bad guys don’t look like bad guys and no one is sure who to trust, what do you say to your kids in navigating their way in life?

I caution them to be wise and cautious, to use common sense and to trust their instincts. We need to trust the Lord for discernment. Finding the balance between being duly cautious and being friendly and trusting can be a challenge. My hero and heroine in Deadly Devotion represent the two ends of the spectrum so finding the balance is definitely something the story explores.

Your character Parker said, “People are rarely what they seem.” How do you feel about that statement?

It’s the motto by which I write Jby…especially my suspects. 

Nora: I liked that Sandra


What movie affected you most when you were young? If you didn't watch movies what books affected you most? 

Oh, my, I can scarcely remember a movie I walked last week, let alone as a child. I remember my sister letting me watch “The Blob” when she babysat me once. It gave me nightmares! I was really young. The first novel that made an impression on me was The Wind in the Willows. It inspired my imagination like no other book I’d read before then.

You are shipwrecked on an uninhabited tropical island with a group of Christians – all friends and relatives of yours. You all have to work as a team to survive. Many roles have to be filled. Which role do you think you’d play? 

I’d be the leader—plotting and planning, directing and designating. J

A friend of yours has a time machine and they will let you use it for a while. Where would you go and what would you do?

I’d go back in time and spend some time with family I've lost—parents, grandparents.

What is your favorite suspense show on T.V.? Why is it your favorite?

I really enjoyed Lie to Me….when it was on. I found it intriguing how the main character could read people’s tells and body language in an effort to get to the truth. That show inspired a lot of research for me.

What two jobs did you have that would surprise people?

I was a high school math teacher...not English. I worked on a sensory panel for a research facility similar to the one where the book’s heroine works. We’d identify the aromas in various food products and wines for their descriptions and for product testing. We went through extensive testing to qualify, and then trained our olfactory senses regularly.

Sandra at Niagara Falls

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