"I HAVE A VOICE" - Abuse Survivor Helps Victims

Abuse Survivor Helps Victims of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault with “I Have a Voice

Dallas/Fort Worth-Nearly one in every four women are beaten or raped by a partner during adulthood.One in every four girls and nearly one in every six boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. Domestic violence and sexual assault have plagued our society for years, but only in recent decades have these problems begun to gain the attention they deserve.  Now, Shannon Deitz, author, speaker, and founder of Hopeful Hearts Ministry works to bring further awareness to these serious issues.

Coinciding with Domestic Violence Awareness Month which begins in October, Deitz will launch the third of five videos in the I Have a Voice project to encourage survivors of domestic violence to give voice to their past and to step out of the shame of darkness.  "I firmly believe that until a person speaks out, they cannot experience complete release from the grip of the past," says Deitz. 

Thousands of children and adults suffer silently, never reporting the crime because of fear, shame or unfounded guilt, oftentimes compounded because the violence was suffered at the hands of a family member.  "Being abused by a stranger is bad enough, but being hurt by someone who claims to love them or who is obligated to take care of them is worse," explains Deitz. 

In one of the first videos, Deitz relives the heartrending memories and feelings related to the abuse she endured by her own grandfather.  By allowing herself to be vulnerable and honest during the filming, she believes that others may be stirred to open up about their own "secret" and move past feelings of victimization to focus on the things gained through the adversity.  "Abuse changes things forever, but healing is possible if the choice is made to overcome the victim mentality and work hard to become a survivor," Deitz stresses.

The I Have a Voice project consists of five intensely moving interrelated videos, all with a collective purpose to help survivors:

·  Recognize the abuse they have suffered and expose the truth;
·  Understand they are not alone and the abuse does not define them
·  Overcome being a victim and realize the full potential of their lives.

Each emotionally-charged testimony in the series clearly speaks of the courageous journey back to wholeness as well as the devastating effects of the abuse. 

"Step by step, God gently brought me out of my own depression and self-loathing into a truthful understanding of who I am, who He is and His purpose for my life," says Deitz.  "Now, my heart beats to see others experience that same freedom and to fully comprehend their value to God and to the world."   She adds, "Whether damage was perpetrated through physical violence, sexual assault, or verbal and emotional abuse, the wounded spirit needs plenty of encouragement, love and healing.  I have found that healing in the light of God's love and grace; I want others to find it, too." 

Deitz is the award-winning author of Exposed:  Inexcusable Me, Irreplaceable Him.  She was also recently listed as one of the best authors in Houston by CBS Houston Radio.  For more information about Shannon Deitz and Hopeful Hearts Ministry, please visit

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