ABOUT AUTHOR: Jill Hardie, her husband, and their two children began the tradition of placing a Sparkle Box for Jesus under their Christmas tree approximately seven years ago. The first time they opened His gift, the commercialism of the season melted away and they experienced profound peace and happiness. It's Jill's hope that The Sparkle Box book will ignite a new Christmas tradition that helps center Christmas in the true joy of the season.

"There are many traditions that help us remember the remarkable and beautiful story of the birth of Jesus. My hope is that The Sparkle Box will help us remember Jesus as he is today – in the present. It encourages us to ask the question, 'What gift can we give Jesus on His birthday that will bring Him joy?'

Jesus taught us that whenever we do something for someone in need, we do it for Him. I think loving and caring for each other in His name is the greatest gift we could give to honor Jesus on His birthday."

– Jill Hardie

ABOUT ILLUSTRATOR: Christine Kornacki works as a Freelance Illustrator in Stamford, CT. Inspired by painters such as Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish, Christine is classically trained as a realistic oil painter. She uses this strong foundational background to bring her Illustrations to life.

Her oils emanate with a rich and bold vibrancy that is ideal for any subject matter. Although her passion is to illustrate Children's Books, Christine works in a variety of fields, including Advertising and Editorial Illustration. Christine's recent work includes illustrating the six book series for the American Girl  historical doll characters Marie-Grace and Cecile and the Christmas picturebooks, The Sparkle Box  and The First Christmas Night .

Christine loves sharing her work with both adults and kids alike and she's always available for any book signings, readings, and illustration workshops for kids. Feel free to contact her at any time: 

Represented for Children's Books Illustration by Christina A. Tugeau:   

By Jill Hardie
Illustrated by Christine Kornacki
Published by Ideal Childrehn's Books
32 Pages 

I'm thankful for a review copy of such a beautifully illustrated book with a powerful message. This book will grab you from the front cover which is full of brilliant sparkles and color. It says open me up! Oh, the treasures you'll find inside.

The illustrator, Christine Kornacke brings the written word to life in a special way. She states her inspiration came from painters such as Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish. Christines' style is beautiful, rich, and full of emotion.

Author Jill Hardie states her family started this tradition of giving a gift to Jesus 8 years ago. It's the highlight of their holidays and helps bring home the real meaning of Christmas.

This book has a bonus feature. The author includes a sparkle box inside each book. Your family can start The Sparkle Box tradition this holiday season. I recommend this book be part of your holiday reading and one to add to your family Christmas collection. Check out the Book Trailer.

Nora :o)
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