Karen Speaking before Book Signing Nov 2nd

Karen is on the front cover and did a fun interview with me inside. It was an honor to meet Karen and her loyal fans. Thanks Karen for the fun interview!

Karen's Husband, Karen, Rick, Michelle and Yours Truly
ABOUT AUTHOR: No. 1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is America's favorite inspirational novelist. There are nearly 20 million copies of her award-winning books in print, including several million copies sold in the past year. Karen has written more than 50 novels, ten of which have hit #1 on national lists.
Karen, her husband and myself taken before they headed to Chattanooga for a book event
Karen's newest novel, COMING HOME - The Baxter Family - releases June 26 and is the subject of much buzz on Karen's active Facebook page, where she had more than 250,000 friends. There is also great anticipation over THE BRIDGE, Karen's much-anticipated first hardback release with her new publisher - Simon & Schuster's Howard Books. THE BRIDGE is a love story set against the demise of the American bookstore.

In addition, Karen has ventured into the area of short pieces with her new non-fiction series - KAREN KINGSBURY, THE REST OF THE STORY. Her first piece, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, has touched the hearts of tens of thousands of readers interested in knowing more about Karen's personal life and the motivation behind her Life-Changing Fiction (TM). I CAN ONLY IMAGINE shares the story of Karen's brother, his struggles, and his quest for redemption.

Karen's novel LIKE DANDELION DUST is the subject of a major motion picture currently in theaters. Like Dandelion Dust stars Academy Award winning Mira Sorvino and Barry Pepper, along with Cole Hauser and Maxwell Perry Cotton. The film has received more than 30 awards in the Film Festival Circuit including numerous Best Picture awards. Several of Karen's books are currently under theatrical development.
Karen takes her time w/each person hearing about their favorite characters 
Dubbed by Time Magazine as the Queen of Christian Fiction, Karen has also been a featured guest on the Today Show, Fox News, USA Today, and numerous other television programs and magazines. Her fiction has made her one of the country's favorite storytellers. Others of her emotionally gripping titles include the 9-11 Series, Even Now, Ever After, and Between Sundays.

Young man tells Karen he wants to write a book one day. Karen encourages him. She said she started writing at age 5
Karen is also a public speaker, reaching more than 100,000 women annually through various national events. Karen and her husband, Don, live in Nashville, TN with their five sons, three of whom are adopted from Haiti. Their daughter Kelsey is an actress who has appeared in several Christian films. She is newly married to Christian recording artist Kyle Kupecky. The two also live in Nashville.

ABOUT BOOK: Zack Dylan made a promise to God and his college sweetheart as he left his family’s horse farm in Kentucky to compete on the popular reality television show Fifteen Minutes: If he makes it, the fame won’t change him.

Overnight, Zack is the nation’s most popular contestant, a country singer with the looks and voice of a young Elvis. As his star rises, Zack is asked to compromise and quiet his beliefs, and also some­thing more. Something Zack could never have imagined. Just as America is falling in love with Zack, just as he’s on the verge of winning it all, his choices lead him to the brink of personal disaster.

At the same time, Reese Weatherly, a thera­peutic horse instructor, is no longer sure about her relationship with Zack, or the wedding they had dreamed about. While Zack advances from one round of the competition to the next, an offer comes to Reese—one that will take her to a home halfway around the world.

Then Chandra Olson—reigning diva pop star and one of the Fifteen Minutes judges—intervenes. Chandra has suffered so much public pain and pri­vate agony since her days as a Fifteen Minutes contestant. Now she wants just one thing: meaning.

Can Chandra’s private losses help Zack find his way, or will his fifteen minutes of fame cause him to lose the life he once loved? Fifteen Minutes is a story of character, compromise, and the cost of having it all. A story that raises the question: Who are the real winners?




  1. Awesome! Her book 15 minutes is amazing and very instructive! A true blessing! I want to meet her one day she is truly my writing inspiration!

  2. Great post. I learned so much from Karen when I first met her in Kansas City at a ACRW (now ACFW) conference. She's a wonderful lady who writes great books. Thanks for the updates on her writing. One of my favorites is Beyond the Clouds. I think of the sun still shining behind those clouds on even the stormiest days, and I don't mean just the weather.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Martha. Fun to learn more about Karen. I like what you said, "I think of the sun still shining behind those clouds on even the stormiest days, and I don't mean just the weather." I AGREE with you my friend.

  4. THANKS Justine for letting me know about the book Fifteen Minutes! I didn't have time to read it yet! Glad for the heads up! Fun! THANKS for stopping by!

  5. Great pictures, Nora. You are very photogenic.

  6. THANKS Marlene! I appreciate you stopping by. Meeting Karen and her husband was so much fun!

  7. Great article! I met and interviewed Karen at ICRS last June when she was there promoting Fifteen Minutes. I also had met her first at the same conference Martha Rogers mentions in her comment and it was fun seeing her again. As an American Idol fan I found her book great fun to read, but the message it sends is even stronger. We should never take our focus off the One who is the author and finisher of our faith.