ABOUT AUTHOR: Kathryn Cushman is a graduate of Samford University with a degree in pharmacy. She is the author of seven novels, including Leaving Yesterday and A Promise to Remember, which were both finalists for the Carol Award in Women's Fiction. She is also the co-author of Angel Song with Sheila Walsh. Kathryn and her family currently live in Santa Barbara, California.

What keeps you sane in the middle of craziness? Hope in the middle of stress and Life’s storms?

Scripture. I have my phone set up 3 times a day to "text" me a verse that I know will be applicable at that time of day. If I didn't know and believe God was in absolute control I would be a quivering mass of neediness, cowering in a corner somewhere. Some days, I'm still almost that way :-)

What inspired you to write Chasing Hope?

A day in the life" of a teenager with an "invisible illness
A lot of the medical issues that Sabrina faces are issues my own daughter faces. I wanted to explore "invisible illnesses" and how they affect people in ways that most people around them never know or see.

What do you hope readers take away from Chasing Hope?

When God calls you to do something, He doesn't promise that everything will be easy along the way. Difficulty does not mean that you were not called. A good example of that is the Children of Israel. He called them out of Egypt, and right after He parted the Red Sea for them they went three days into the wilderness without finding water. Talk about hard!!

Why write Christian Fiction? What’s the draw for you?
I had always wanted to write a novel "someday". Then about twenty years ago I read a novel called "The Revelation". When I finished it, God was more real to me than He had been after years of Sunday school, and Bible study, and growing up in church. I realized that I wanted to someday write a book that did the same thing for someone else. That's when I knew I specifically wanted to write Christian fiction. 

When you sit down to relax and read, what genre do you turn to? Do you prefer hardback, paperback or digital when you read? Why?

Me running a 5k for research during the writing of "Chasing Hope"

As for genre, I read a little bit of everything. I try to mix it up so that I read never read similar stories back to back. I prefer hardback, especially if it's a book I love, because they look nice on the shelf and stay strong for the next re-reading. I do enjoy my Kindle and use it for traveling and for reading my own manuscripts while I'm in the process of writing.


You are shipwrecked on an uninhabited tropical island with a group of Christians – all friends and relatives of yours. You all have to work as a team to survive. Many roles have to be filled. Which role do you think you’d play? 

I’m a type B person with almost all type A family and friends, so I’d be the person that everyone else bosses around J.

A friend of yours has a time machine and they will let you use if for a while. Where would you go and what would you do? 

 I’d like to visit with Jesus that would be beyond amazing. I’d also like to go visit Esther and Moses and ask them some questions. I’d like to watch the whole Daniel in the lion’s den episode. Then of course, Queen Elizabeth I, Scotland in the 1700’s, and I’d like to look ahead about 100 years.

Out of all the sounds in the world which are your favorite?

 Ocean waves crashing on the shore are my favorite. I never get tired of hearing it.

What three things would you rather not live without (besides your family)?

Indoor plumbing, electricity, fully stocked grocery stores.

We live busy lives and are all in different seasons of our own journey; that as a given what part of your day requires the most patience from you to get through? Causes you to pray the more?

Around 4 in the afternoon. Usually by then I’m very tired, there are often quite a few “to-do’s” not yet done, and it’s time to start thinking about cooking dinner. (Did I mention that I HATE to cook???)  Usually by 7 (after I've eaten) I feel better.


I’m thankful to my readers and this opportunity. I love to hear from readers. They can visit me at my Web site at

Katie Cushman 
Chasing Hope available Sept. 2013
Almost Amish
Another Dawn

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  1. I just read Finding Me by Kathryn and absolutely loved it. Do you know if she needs ARC readers? TY for the interview. I enjoyed it.