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Note from Nora St.Laurent Columnist for Book Fun Magazine.

She says, "It was so much fun to meet Max Lucado October 26th at Life Way Mall of GA Store. He was in the Atlanta area speaking at the Women of Faith Conference. We were thankful he stopped by for a book signing event. There was a long line of people ready to meet Max and tell him about the stories he'd written that touched their lives. Max’s new book You’ll Get Through This was being promoted and was released the week before. Here are just a few of those people who sent their pictures to be posted of Life Way Buford store facebook page.

I was first introduced to Max Lucado though one of his children’s books called You are Special. This book touched me to the core of my being and gave me a glimpse at how God viewed me and felt about me. When a woman read this book out loud at a women's event I came undone when I realized just how much God Loved me. I was changed forever.

The highlight for me was when a family came up to Max and had him sign their books. The small children were so excited to meet Max Lucado and tell him that they saw him in the Hermie video’s they watched. They loved Hermie and the other characters in that series. Max embraced these little ones and took the time to listen to what each had to say. 

Max Lucado Oct 26th @ Life Way Mall of GA Store
It was a special day and a special moment. The group shot is of my co-workers, Rick Stevens my manager and myself. After the book signing was over Max Lucado made sure he thanked everyone of us for being there and made sure he shook hands with everyone at the register who may not have hand a chance to go and speak to him. He’s a humble guy filled with the love of God and His people. I’m so glad I got to meet him. I also thanked him for doing this interview with Book Fun Magazine. He said he was glad to do it! Thank you again to Max and everyone that made this special event happen. "

Nora :o)
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He Says, "We prayed about a way to give as a community this year and this is what we felt we should do. We started a Company Kettle here:

Be SURE to donate on our Company Page so it is credited for matching

We will match donations to this Kettle
up to $1,000 
Please consider participating with us on any level at all?

Every Dollar will become Two when we match with you.
You start out at the link above and Join Our Company, start an individual Kettle or a team Kettle if you have a Book Club and want to donate as a Group within our Company. We will let eveyone know how we progress and match every dollar.
Our minimum goal as a Company Kettle is $2,000 Our hope is that we exceed that!

There are so many videos that I watched in preparing for this and all of them tugged on my heart.  The afterschool programs, the emergency services and other ministries that the Salvation Army offers are giving help right here in the communities that surround us.
Help us to help?


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