ABOUT AUTHOR: Lisa Wingate is a journalist, inspirational speaker, reviewer for the New York Journal of Books, and the author of over twenty novels.  Her novels combine elements of history, romance, mystery, and women's fiction with nuggets of Southern culture, from the sublime to the humorous. She is a seven-time American Christian Fiction Writers Carol award nominee, a Christy Award nominee, an Oklahoma Book Award finalist, a Christianity Today Book Award nominee, an Inspy Award nominee, and a two-time Carol Award winner. Her works have been selected for Booklist’s Top Ten List in 2012 and in 2013. Recently, the group Americans for More Civility, a kindness watchdog organization, selected Lisa along with Bill Ford, Camille Cosby, and six others, as recipients of the National Civies Award, which celebrates public figures who work to promote greater kindness and civility in American life.  Visit Lisa at her website:

ABOUT BOOK: With love and loss tangled together, how was she to know where her life would lead?
Allie Kirkland has always heard the call of her father's unfinished destiny. When she's offered a production assistant's job on a docudrama filming in the hills near Moses Lake, Texas, the dream of following in her director-father's footsteps suddenly seems within reach. The reenactment of the legendary frontier settlement of Wildwood is a first step into the film industry. A summer on set in the wilderness is a small price to pay for a dream.

But in 1861, the real Wildwood held dangerous realities. Town founder Harland Delavan held helpless residents, including young Irish schoolteacher Bonnie Rose, in an iron grip. Mysterious disappearances led to myths and legends still retold in the region's folk songs. Eventually, the entire site was found abandoned.

When filming begins, strange connections surface between Allie and the teacher who disappeared over a century ago, and everyone in Wildwood--including Blake Fulton, Allie's handsome neighbor on the film set--seems to be hiding secrets. Allie doesn't know whom she can trust. If she can't find the answers in time, history may repeat itself...with the most unthinkable results.

READERS Here's a treat for you. I talked with Lisa Wingate about the tour she went on last year meeting readers in their home towns. She was one busy lady. She told me it was also one unforgettable tour. Here's some questions I asked her.

   Lisa How did you come up with the Idea for this tour? Why did you call it The Untold Story Book Tour?

It’s funny how small (seemingly safe) ideas can take on lives of their own – a little like Allie’s summer job in Wildwood Creek.  Originally, she and her best friend Kim are certain it’ll be the perfect summer if Allie can secure a job behind the scenes, while Kim lands a position among the cast. Of course, that’s not at all the way things work out, and Allie is soon traveling completely uncharted territory.

Interestingly enough, I had just finished writing Allie’s and Bonnie’s story last year, when book tour planning took a similar left turn toward Albuquerque. The tour was originally conceived as a dual book tour with a friend. By the time some complications made that impossible, I’d already started talking with fans and bookstore owners along the proposed route.  The ball was already rolling, so to speak, and I found myself planning my first-ever big, multi-state book tour solo.

Because, for me, writing is always about combining fiction with untold stories from real life, we named the tour The Untold Story tour.  I’m passionate about encouraging people to record their stories, to share them within families, to know the stories of their communities, to preserve our combined story heritage. Encouraging storytelling and story sharing became the underlying focus of the tour.  If you’d like a list of ideas for promoting storytelling in your family or community, you can some great ideas here:

       I know that you had people write in and invite you to different towns how did that work for you?

Far and away, the most wonderful thing about creating imaginary people like Allie, Bonnie Rose, and the folks of Wildwood Creek, and sending them out into the world, is that they so often come home, bringing real-life people with them.  Books, quite simply, form communities.  The communities span states and continents, and age groups, but all of us have something in common because we have the story in common.  In essence, we share several friends that we’re deeply attached to, but those friends just happen to live within the pages of a book.

Here’s a bit of the fun book community forming around Wildwood Creek:

When I ended up planning last fall’s book tour solo, I reached out to an amazing, wonderful, and always-supportive book community who have followed my books over time.  We selected a general geographic area, based on several fall conferences I was already scheduled to attend, and we asked people, Where else should we go? What should we see? Are the organizations we could benefit?  Are there people we should meet? Stories we should hear?

I was both humbled and amazed when the community of book friends graciously offered suggestions and more.  Reader friends became hosts, and trip planners, cooks, and contact people.  Many of our events on the tour were benefits for churches and charities suggested by readers.

Now, I’m beginning to hear from the readers of Wildwood Creek, and because of the nature of the story – Allie temporarily traveling back in time and living the life of her pioneer ancestors – that book community has begun to include some wonderful ancestral family stories, and a few fascinating family mysteries from Bonnie and Allie’s new reader friends..  I can’t wait to see what else comes up!

1September 17, Nashville, TN.  you had a Booktalk & signing that included you , Denise Hildreth, and Jolena Petersheim. QUESTION FOR YOU: You mentioned that details will follow but I didn’t get them. I was wondering where you where and how that event went. What did you all talk about? Pictures? 

 This event at the downtown Lifeway store was such a joy.  Not only was I blessed to share the time with fellow author-friends, Jolina Petersheim and Denise Hildreth Jones, but because the store is by the Lifeway offices, we were able to meet many Lifeway staff members, as well. 

 We talked about books, and what it’s like to have a mind that’s constantly spinning stories from whatever happens in real life. There’s something interestingly different about a storytelling mind, which is one of the reasons I had so much fun writing the Allie character in Wildwood Creek.  Being in her head was a little like being in my own.

The Nashville event was a blessing and a joy… and, since we arrived just a bit early, we even had the chance to walk down the strip, buy the obligatory tacky-tourist souvenirs and T-shirts (because what’s a trip, without a few tacky souvenirs?) and visit with Elvis and Willie… sorta ;)

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