The Big Picture Interactive Bible
Published by B & H Kids
ISBN #978-1-4336-0503-1
1288 Pages

Kids can now be engaged in Bible reading and study as never before, seeing scenes from the Bible literally pop off the page via a free downloadable app that lets them view the images in an augmented reality format, as well as listen to narration of the event.

This full color, fully designed Bible includes features to help kids experience the Bible including call outs of key Bible stories, definitions, memory verses and more, all designed to get kids digging into and learning the Bible for life.

Together kids and parents can enjoy the Christ Connections and Big Questions and Answers call outs that show God's story unfolding from the beginning of time and how we fit into his plan.

This meets children in the visual world they are so accustomed to, bringing Bible pages to life. Over 400,000 individual participants, 40,000 plus groups, and 7,000 plus churches have already started their journey with LifeWay's Gospel Project, making this the perfect companion for the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum

Review: I’m thankful for the review copy of a new bible for kids that looks nice inside and out. Some of the features in this bible are 100 Top verses to memorize highlighted in the bible with the tag; Verse to Remember. There are 146 Full-page bible story illustrations with augmented reality that are very beautiful and eye catching. Big Bible Questions/Big Answers featured under heading – BIG Questions. I loved this feature. I would never think to ask these questions. Love they give you the answers. Grin! Helps generate discussion with family and friends.

Big Words dictionary feature makes it easy to learn the definition. Full color design throughout the bible. Icons connecting to the Gospel Project for kids’ curriculum – published by LifeWay. Kid Friendly introductions to every book of the bible and seeing the Big Picture Feature – talks about how this passage of scripture and/or story relates to the big picture in the bible.

I loved all the features and the overall look inside the bible. It’s easy to read. It’s not too busy. The Font is big and bold. I loved all of the above. There was one thing that I got hung up on and that was making the bible interactive function to work. I tried a couple of hours myself to make this work. I know I’m not computer and/or phone savvy so I sought the help of friends who were.

I was about to give up when I asked my 16 year old son to help me. Can you believe he got the thing to work in 15 minutes? Ok, I was cheering until he tried to make it work on the next page and nothing happened. I know that it’s not what I expected from the program. On the pages that did work a 3-D picture jumps off the page and a story is read. You have to hold the phone over the small picture for 15 seconds then you zoom out so your phone captures the big color picture (the whole page). Then the 3-D picture jumps out at you and stays there the whole time the story is being told. There is trouble with the interactive feature to this bible. I look forward to them working out the kinks.

I met a young man (maybe 8 years old) the other day that told me the interactive part of this bible looked to hard for him to figure out. Given what I've gone through to make it work. I agreed. But I pointed out all the good features inside this bible. I do love the pictures and so did this youngster.

All in all I really LIKED this bible very much. It grabbed my attention. It’s one I feel will be easy to share with kids even if the interactive feature is not working well. It’s beautiful, helps kids apply scripture to their lives, gives them verses that will be worth memorizing first, and the full color animated pictures all throughout the bible are amazing. Loved it and I would recommend this bible to young children I think it speaks their language and will be they use for years.

Nora :o)
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