Never-Ending Night
By Tanya Stowe
Published by White Rose Publishing
184 pages

Back Cover: On the eve of the Battle of Shiloh, Union soldier Tyler Sheridan has a premonition he is going to die. That night, he writes an epic anti-war poem called “Never-ending Night.” The next day, a cannonball explodes in front of him, but rather than walking through the gates of Heaven, Tyler steps into a modern-day Civil War reenactment. Confused by a world he can’t comprehend, Tyler has no choice but to rely on a beautiful and fascinating photojournalist for help.

As Stacy Sutton watches Tyler emerge from the rising smoke of faux cannon fire, she’s amazed by the authenticity of his uniform and demeanor—and then he claims to be from the nineteenth century, a mere delusion according to doctors. But Stacy’s not convinced Tyler is delusional and sees helping him as her second chance—an opportunity to atone for the death of her partner...and her past. As the mystery surrounding Tyler’s appearance deepens, it threatens any hope they have of a future together, and Stacy finds she must discover whether the man she loves is a traveler through time or a mad man lost in his own delusions.

REVIEW:  Thanks to The Book Club Network for a review copy of a book that introduced me to Tanya Stowe. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It reminded me of a movie called, “Kate and Leopold” starring Meg Ryan and Lu Jackman. The movie was about a man from a time in the past who travels to the future, not by his own doing. Kate hires Lu Jackman to be a butler in a butter commercial. He’s perfect for playing a person from the past. He’s so authentic.

This story starts with a Civil War re-enactment. All the players are ready. It’s the battle of Shiloh. Photo journalist, Stacy Sutton came to do the photo shoot for her brother’s paper. It's not her usual beat but she needed a break. Her assignment in Iraq about did her in. She’s learning to live with the loss of a close friend. Stacy picks up her camera and starts to shoot the battle being waged all around her.

A man emerges from the rising smoke. She’s amazed at what she sees through her lens. Its real, this man isn't acting. Then she looks closer and notices he’s hurt, bad. They rush him to the hospital. He has a bad concussion and lost a lot of blood. When the man wakes up he starts talking like someone from the 19th century; he thinks Tyler Sheridan a soldier from the past. He’s a man who has had a premonition he might die in the battle of Shiloh and wrote a poem titled, “Never-ending night.”

Doctors think he might be crazy. Stacy doesn't agree. Could Tyler be a time traveler? Or was he a mad man lost in his own delusion?

Jeff knew his sister Stacy was gifted at what she did. He told someone,” Her pictures would capture the feel, but not the horrors. No civilian causalities lying dead on the road side or starving in the streets. No smell of blood, or visuals of rotting flesh…of death. No heart breaking screams to wake her each night.” He knew she had all those pictures in her head. He knew his sister needed a break from that kind of action. She needed to heal! Jeff cared and was a great support. He thought this reenactment would be something to take her mind off things that happened in Iraq.

Stacy was drawn to T.R. Sheridan. She could sense they’d been thru different battles with the same end result. She had to help him, stay with him in the hospital…”Then maybe her friend’s death would stop playing like a movie in her head. Maybe then she would have some kind of peace.”

Tyler was a mystery she thinks about the man, “Tyler Sheridan had fought a war. Somewhere, somehow, pain and survival had etched themselves into his face…Somehow, as impossible and unbelievable as it was, he had stepped from a smoky battlefield of death into the future.”

This novel kept me up late, I was captivated by the drama. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the mystery and how I learned along with Stacy about Tyler Sheridan. This author got my attention from the first page. It was a powerful read and a great escape. I loved every minute of this fun, heartfelt, and suspenseful story. This book would make a great Book Club discussion. It's rich. This was the first novel I've read by this author it won’t be the last.

Nora St Laurent
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