The Beloved Daughter
By Alana Terry
Published by Amazon Digital Services
232 pages

About Author: When Alana isn't writing, it's likely that she's on the floor wrestling with her kids. Or playing outside with her kids. Or chauffeuring her kids. Or trying some random science experiment with her kids. But she's probably not cooking or cleaning.

Alana is a homeschooling mother of three who loves to write, hates to cook, and enjoys reading a good book almost as much as she enjoys writing one.

Alana won the Women of Faith writing contest for "The Beloved Daughter," her debut inspirational novel. "What, No Sushi?" is Alana's first book in a chapter-book series for kids published by Do Life Right, Inc.

REVIEW: Thanks to The Book Club Network the review copy of a book that introduced me to Alana Terry and her compelling novel that read like a non-fiction book. The style format of a memoir to a beloved daughter was engaging. Since it was written in a first person perspective I felt as if I were standing by Chung-Cha’s side as she was tortured by guards in Camp 22. I couldn’t put this book down.

Chung-cha’s world changed the instant the soldiers showed up at her house. Her only crime was being the daughter of a Christian. Here’s a peek at what the soldiers said to her father, “Answer me now, you filthy Christian pig.” Pock-Marks was wheezing even as he sneered at father. “Will you let your daughter suffer for the sake of this precious religion?”

“Out of the corner of my eye, I saw father set his jaw. “My daughter and I do not cower in fear of those who can harm the body but can not kill the soul,” he proclaimed.

“For a moment, my fear was replaced by anger toward father and toward the God he served so faithfully, but of who seemed so powerless at the moment to intervene on my behalf…I was about to be murdered.”

This was difficult eye opening, meaningful read; as it gives readers a glimpse into the life of a persecuted Christian; specifically the horrifying plight of the North Korean people. This author paints a sobering look at flawed characters walking out their faith in terrifying circumstances. Main character Chun-cha was too young to understand all her father did for the underground church. She didn’t share her father’s faith. She wondered what the purpose was of all this suffering for your faith? Can the unspeakable be forgive? Will faith sustain even when it seems God has forsaken his people?

“Chung-cha recalls, “When I was 12, you see, my father’s faith was strong that it seemed completely unattainable. I could never be as steadfast as my father…. I’m not God! I clenched my fists…just because my life in Sanhe is hard and dangerous doesn’t mean God doesn’t want me here.”

“If your truly where God wants you to be, then you could at least try to be joyful.” Kwan retorted.”

This novel is not for the faint of heart. This author delivers gritty details of life in North Korean prison camps thru Chung-cha’s young eyes. They are heart wrenching vivid images of the terror, deprivation and humiliation prisoners endured day after day.

These characters and their situation will stir your soul, break your heart, challenge your faith and show you that God moves in all situations in spite of what the evil one is doing. God is still in the miracle business even in prison (it reminded me of the things (told in the bible) that happened to the Apostles in prison).

The underground church is flourishing in spite of the enemy’s attempts to wipe out Christians. It’s a word picture of how faith triumphs in the most hellish conditions. This made me think of how precious "Freedom" is. I don’t often Thank God enough for this precious gift. I never have to worry about being imprisoned and/or shot for reading my bible, going to church or having a bible study in my home.

The Beloved Daughter is a thought-provoking read that will stir your spirit, give you a deeper understanding of North Korea’s current situation and make you want to pray for them more. This is a story of faith, loss, God’s redemption, sacrifice and miracles. I highly recommend this novel for book clubs. There will be lively discussions guaranteed. It’s a book that will leave you changed.

Nora St Laurent
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    1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to read your debut novel. It's a heart-wrenching story that has touched my heart deeply!

    2. Thanks so much for the opportunity to read your debut novel. It's a heart-wrenching story that has touched my heart deeply!