Abandoned Memories
By Marylu Tyndall
Published by Shiloh Run Press
319 Pages

Back Cover: In MaryLu Tyndall’s stunning conclusion to her Escape from Paradise series, Angeline Moore longs to make a fresh start in the Confederate colony of New Hope, Brazil. James Callaway longs to create a city free from immoral women who caused his failure as a preacher. But a series of strange happenings soon lead the colonists to believe they have been brought to this place for a divine purpose.

REVIEW: Thanks to The Book Club Network  for the review copy of a book that blew me away. This was the final installment of the Escape to Paradise series. It reminded me of the first few Indiana Jones movies. These settlers were in search of a new beginning. Some wanted an identity do over. There is a huge spiritual battle between good and evil all through this series with the height of the battle in this book.

Each of the books in the series focuses on a couple starting over at New Hope settlement in Brazil. The focus of this novel is on Angeline; a broken woman with a jaded past she wants to remain hidden. She is a tough and courageous woman on the outside. Inside she has an independent spirit, thinks she can handle everything herself but secretly she desires to be loved unconditionally.

James Callaway has failed at two professions Baptist Preacher and Doctor. He is fearful at the sight of blood. This doesn't work if you're the doctor. James fights demons from his past like everyone else seeking refuge in this new colony. Angeline has caught his eye and captured his heart. He hopes to court her properly but she keeps pushing him away. He sees her as a refined young lady and feels unworthy of her love!

Angeline feels James needs a proper-lady, not someone with her past. She tries to stay away from this man but he’s saved her life a few times. It’s kind of hard to avoid someone that keeps coming to your rescue.

Wiley Dodd is an ex-lawman who’s fond of the ladies and is searching for buried treasure. He’s in possession of a treasure map that points to Brazil as the source of his pot of gold. Dodd tries to blackmail Angelina. She’d have to pay a high price in order for him to keep her secrets. How could this be happening? This was her only chance at a new identity. 

This book had it all; an Island filled with mysteries, people haunted by visions from the past, extreme natural disasters, all of which threaten the colony’s survival and break their spirits. James anger boiled as he shouts to the others, “Have you considered that perhaps God brought us here to defeat this evil?” Shame burned in his gut that he hadn't thought of this until now. If that was true, God would make a way, wouldn't He?”

They had to act fast. The spiritual battle was raging all around. Could James be right about their mission (fighting evil)? The settlers knew in their gut they’d have to work together to survive. Can these six individuals become God’s mighty warriors used to defeat an evil so hideous it could affect the whole world? Can they overcome their past failures and let God do a new work?

Marylu has written an explosive ending to and amazing series; she pulls out all the stops. This is a page-turning adventure I didn't want to end. These settlers face unbelievable natural disasters, pirates, wolves, explosions, heart-break, visions, the thrill of victory, and more. (How could all that fit in one book? – Trust me it works!) All of this is tied together with a powerful, believable thread of God’s love, grace, and the gift of a new life that is theirs for the taking. It was natural not preachy!

I was on the edge of my seat glued to this story, flipping pages, not reading fast enough for the drama unfolding. This is a thrilling conclusion that doesn't tie things up in neat bow. I liked that. This would make a great book club pick and just plain fun to read. This can be read as a stand-alone but I highly recommend reading the whole series to get the most out of this series. This book is a keeper!

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