Jordin Sparks as Shasta Carvell
Nicky Whelan as Hattie Durham
Lance E. Nichols as Bruce Barnes
William Ragsdale as Chris Smith
Martin Klebba as Melvin Weir
Quinton Aaron as Simon
Judd Lormand as Jim

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ABOUT CASSI THOMSON: Cassi has steadily worked her way up since she first showed promise as a natural talent at age 11 when she began working in commercials. In her early years as a child actress Cassi began appearing as a guest star on primetime shows such as “Without A Trace,” “House,” “ER,” and “CSI.”

In her breakout role at age 15, Cassi joined the cast of the critically acclaimed HBO original series “Big Love” (2006-2011) at the end of season three, playing the character Cara Lynn with a raw passion and compelling authenticity.  She quickly turned heads and became a series regular in season four, staying with the show until the series ended, having starred in a total of 20 episodes.

Cassi’s most current work includes numerous projects for both film and television; she has appeared as a guest star on many series, along with landing lead roles in television movies and independent films. In addition she enjoys her recurring role on the ABC Family award-winning series “Switched At Birth.”


 Cassi Thomson: Well when I read the script it was just, you know, as Vic said it was very much character-driven which is something you don’t really see that often in a movie that does have so much action involved. And it also is a very strong female character which there unfortunately aren’t that many of, nowadays. So, when I read it, I mean I honestly thought I would never,  I would never book it. Just because I, I you know, I’m not a big A-Lister name. I’m, I’m, I have been working for a long time but I, you know I just assumed I would never get this opportunity. But still, I, you know I put a lot of work in, and I sent in tapes, and then I auditioned. And, luckily they, you know, they gave me a chance to be a part of something that was one of, really the most memorable times of my life. And, you know, I had always wanted to do a film like this. And it just, it was great. I mean Vic was great. Nic, Nic, Nicolas Cage was great. All the producers were amazing. It really was, when they say it was a dream team it really was on all, on all ends. It’s very rare that you get to work for producers that you love so much and a director that allows you to be so free, and, and Vic and I have become really close. I just did another film with him. And he, he’s just one of those directors that you want, that you want. You want them on set because they do allow you to be free. And they allow you to experience your character. And let you really be the actor that, that you want to be but they’re also there with all the support, and trust, and he was just amazing. Everybody was really amazing to work with.

Moderator: So when you mentioned that it was one of the most memorable experiences of your life, what’s something that sticks out and what was one of the most memorable parts of it, or what, what was just compelling to you about this movie?

Cassi Thomson: Well I probably one of the most, well I mean I took away a lot of friendships from this film and I, you know I, I feel like I grew a lot as an actor working with someone like Nicolas Cage. That’s something that so many young actors don’t get a chance to do. And his professionalism and his talent really kind of changes you. Experiences like that I think change you always for the better. And I also luckily got to do all of my own, pretty much all of my own stunts on the film. And at one point (laughing) Vic had me climb like this 400’ bridge. So I free-climbed the 400’ bridge and was on top of the bridge with a helicopter kind of circling me with a camera and that was amazing. That’s something that I probably will never get to do again. So that was, that was very memorable.

Vic Armstrong: That was stunning. (laughing)

Cassi Thomson: That was good, it was just awesome. (laughing)

Moderator: Cassi what do think are the main issues and struggles for your character in the film? I know she goes back and forth from a lot of different emotional places throughout this movie. What do you think just as a character? Help some of the people on this call who have not seen this movie and don’t really even, maybe know much about the story. What will they get from your character and what is it that you feel like she really went through in this movie?

Cassi Thomson: Well in the beginning of this film, you, you quickly learn that “Chloe” doesn't really have any kind of spiritual beliefs at all and she doesn't, her family growing up didn't have any kind of faith, didn't go to church, didn't, wasn't really involved with the Christian faith whatsoever. And then her mom found her faith and kind of it, it, it threw a wedge into the family and it kind of pushed “Chloe” away. Because any, any conversations she did have with her mom was always centered around faith and her believe in God and “Chloe” needs to really, you know, get in tune with that and kind of was warning of, warning her of what is coming. And “Chloe” just saw it as more nagging and felt like she kind of lost her mom in a way I think. And that pushed her to separate from not only her mom but her whole family. So in the beginning of the film, I think that’s kind of her main struggle is she’s coming home for her dad’s, you know, her dad’s prized birthday party and then learns that he’s been called off to work. And so then she’s stuck on a, you know, she’s stuck with a one on one interaction with her mom which is uncomfortable. And then very shortly in to the film, the rapture hits and obviously when that happens "Chloe’s” struggles shift dramatically and become a lot more real, and become a lot more intense. But I think the thing that’s so beautiful about “Chloe” and so beautiful about the way she’s written is that she, no matter if it is the beginning, you know, the middle or the end, her struggles do always, kind of circle around her family. And you can tell how much she does love her family. And I think that that was my favorite thing about her is that she’s, you can really, you watch her struggle through this film so much with losing her mom and then, you know feeling like she’s just lost her whole world. And, it’s pretty, it’s pretty great to watch her, you know, watch her struggle through the film, I guess (laughing).

Moderator: Yeah. For sure. Is there one part of the filming or something just from your experience in the movie that stands out above the rest that you want people to hear or that you want to kind of just share, talk about regarding this movie here?

Cassi Thomson: I think one of the most interesting things for me is, they did, really our, our team did such an amazing job of creating these sets and situations of, of the world being in ruins. And for me, you know as a human being, Cassi Thomson, I know the world’s fine, and I know that everything’s OK but you’re really kind of sucked into these sets that you’re put on and there’s this, there’s this specific scene in a hospital and in the nursery section where all of the babies are kept. And, you know all of children, when the rapture hit, they’re all taken off the Earth. And so when “Chloe” finds herself in this nursery all the babies have been gone and you can just see, you know the remnants of these children and for me that was such a, such a crazy experience and such an eye-opening experience and it really was bone-chilling in a sense. To be put in these situations where you did, it did feel real for that instant. And that was just very, it was very interesting to, to be a part of something, like that. If that makes any sense.

Moderator: Yeah. No that’s great, great. We really appreciate. We’ll be back and ask most of you guys more questions. But thank you so much Cassi for your participation in this call with us. 

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