Discovering Joye
By Jim Stovall
Published by Destiny Image
170 Pages HB

Back Cover: Sometimes, the greatest treasures that life has to offer go unnoticed behind the frantic pace of modern society.

What if the people, places and things we have categorized in our lives as no more than average turned out to be something quite extraordinary?

Discovering Joye is the amazing discovery of Joye Kanelakos’s life’s work in poetry. It was at her deathbed where Kanelakos told her children about a hidden box that held the secrets to her creative passion—a compilation of poems that had gone unnoticed… until now.

Bestselling author, Jim Stovall takes us behind the facades that shroud our everyday lives and helps us to see the masterpieces that lie beneath the people, places and things we thought we knew

REVIEW: Thanks to The Book Club Network for the review copy of a book that introduced me to Joye Kanelakos and her poetry. I also appreciated that I was able to get to know Jim Stovall better. He’s one of my favorite authors.

I liked how Jim incorporated Joye’s poems into the narrative. At the end of each chapter the author had points to ponder. The section is called “Discovery”

This novella size hard back book is filled with inspiration and fun stories from this author’s life. It’s fun to read and also would make a great gift. The title page has typed on it Presented to: and FROM: also a place for you to write in the date you gave the gift.

This author has met some fascinating people. Some of whom became mentors to him at a young age.  He met Katherine Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, and Steve Allen just to name a few.

Jim Stovall started losing his sight at age 17. His world became completely dark by the time he turned 29.  Jim would watch movies he’d seen dozens of times and thought he’d remember every scene. But that wasn't the case. He thought there would be others like him. This gave him the idea for a narrative television network.  He’s still doing narratives for T. V. a quarter of a century later. He says, “We make movies, T. V. shows and Educational programming accessible for the 13 million blind and visually impaired Americans and millions more around the world.

One of Jim’s mentors passed. He was young. He said, “We must savior each moment with the special people in our lives as we never know which moment with them will be our last.”

Jim gives readers a peek into his world, and says, “In my world, they always lie to the blind guy. And they think they get away with it…I guess they do get away with it, but I just like to remind them that I know they get away with it.” I can just imagine how he does that. Grin!

He goes on to state, “We need only three things to be happy. We require something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.” I like how he puts that.

Here’s a “Discovery” statement. This is where he makes readers stop and think, He says, “Every season is a gift, every day is an opportunity and every moment is a treasure. Spend them wisely.”

Coach John Wooden said to Jim Stovall, “Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out! We can only share that which we possess and that which possesses’ us. To give love away, we must first accept it, then embrace it, then become it.”

There’s a lot in this little book! You’ll be rereading this book again to catch what you missed the first time. I’ll leave you with this through from the author. “Sometimes in order to hear, learn, and understand that which we seek, we need only to be still…often, the best way to move forward and hold on is to simply let go!”

This is a book to be enjoyed and shared!

Nora St Laurent
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