Movie Synopsis
Left Behind is an apocalyptic Action-Thriller movie starring Nicolas Cage based on the New York Times bestselling novel that brings biblical prophecy to life in modern times.

The most important event in the history of mankind is happening right now. In the blink of an eye, the biblical Rapture strikes the world. Millions of people disappear without a trace. All that remains are their clothes and belongings, and in an instant, terror and chaos spread around the world. The vanishings cause unmanned vehicles to crash and burn. Planes fall from the sky. Emergency forces everywhere are devastated. Gridlock, riots and looting overrun the cities. There is no one to help or provide answers. In a moment, the entire planet is plunged into darkness.

“Left Behind” FAQs
A. Producers made the original “Left Behind” films specifically for a Christian audience. But it has always been their intention to create a film based on the books that not only appeals to the core audience but has the potential to expand to a broader audience as well. It depicts the immediate aftermath of what the day of the Rapture might look like in realistic bold and graphic detail. The Producers also wanted this film to be character driven to help the audience identify with how real people might react to this unthinkable event.

Q. When will “Left Behind” be released in theaters?
A. “Left Behind” will be released nationwide in theaters on October 3, 2014.

Q. What is the budget for this movie?
A. $16 million (this is for the production itself and does not include the print and advertising budget).

Q. Who has been cast, and whom will they play?

Nicolas Cage: Rayford Steele,
Chad Michael Murray: Cameron “Buck” Williams
Cassi Thomson: Chloe Steele
Nicky Whelan: Hattie Durham
Lea Thompson: Irene Steele
Jordin Sparks: Shasta Carvelle
Lance E. Nichols: Pastor Bruce Barnes
Major Dodson: Raymie Steele
Quinton Aaron: Simon - Olympic hurdler and bobsledder LoLo Jones has a cameo as an airport attendant

Q. Why are there characters that are not from the books in this film?

A. Writers and producers wanted to not only make a large action thriller; they also wanted engaging and character-driven storylines that depict the authenticity of how people would react in this circumstance. The film focuses on the first few hours after the Rapture occurs and follows the main characters but also layers additional characters on the plane for a well-rounded perspective.

Q. Who will play the anti-Christ in this movie?

A. “Left Behind” will focus on the first few hours after the Rapture. The character of the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, will not be in this movie, but will be introduced in the second movie.

Q. Does the entire movie take place on a plane?

A. No. A significant portion of the film also focuses on the chaos and destruction happening on the ground when millions of people suddenly vanish. For that part of the movie, the story follows main character Chloe Steele as she searches the city for her family and the truth behind what really happened.

Q. Who is the director for “Left Behind”?

Vic Armstrong, a veteran filmmaker in the action genre.

Q. Where was the movie filmed?

Baton Rouge, LA

Q. Will there be a sequel? Will you do films for all 16 books?

A. Stoney Lake Entertainment intends to create a franchise for this property. How many movies that will be has not been determined.

Q. When will the DVD/Blu-ray/Download be released?

A. This date has not yet been confirmed but will follow the theatrical release.

Q. Are the actors all Christian?
A. Stoney Lake Entertainment produces faith-inspired films, but faith is not a factor in the casting process. Casting is solely based on talent and fit for the role.

Q. Will it still have Christian themes?
A. “Left Behind” is about the events following the Rapture, so it will always have a Christian theme.

Q. Are Left Behind book series authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins supportive of the movie?

A. Yes. Both authors have screened “Left Behind” in advance and both have given it a big thumbs up. “I believe it does justice to the novel and will renew interest in the entire series,” author Jerry B. Jenkins said. “It is the best movie I have ever seen on the rapture,” added Tim LaHaye. Jenkins provided very useful notes to the script during pre-production and visited the set during principal photography.

Q. How close will “Left Behind” be to the book?

A: “Left Behind” is based on a portion of the first book in the “Left Behind” series and will feature the main characters from the book, including Rayford Steele, Cameron “Buck” Williams, Chloe Steele, and Hattie Durham. The entire film takes place on the day of the Rapture, focusing on the chaos in the world in the wake of millions of people vanishing with no explanation.

Q. What is the Rapture?

A: The term Rapture is used to refer to the Bible prophecy where faithful believers are taken up to heaven before the apocalyptic end of days.

A poll conducted by the Barna Group in August 2013 found that four in 10 Americans (41 percent) over the age of 18 believe that “the world is currently living in the ‘end times’ as described by prophecies in the Bible.

Q. What is Stoney Lake Entertainment?

A. Stoney Lake Entertainment (SLE) is a film production company created in 2012 by CEO Paul Lalonde, co-founder of Cloud Ten Pictures. Unlike Cloud Ten, SLE will focus on producing bigger budget theatrical features. “Left Behind” will be SLE’s first feature film.


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