Raptor 6
By Ronnie Kendig
Published by: Shiloh Run Press
352 pages

Back Cover: Raptor Team hunts down a threat to the American military community when cyber terrorists attempt to steal US national security secrets from the military’s secure computers. Then a missionary teacher with an advanced degree in quantum cryptology is captured, and Captain Dean Watters must risk everything to save her and his brothers in arms.

Captain Dean Watters keeps his mission and his team in the forefront of his laser-like focus. So when Dean s mission and team are threatened, his Special Forces training kicks into high gear. Failing to stop hackers from stealing national security secrets from the military s secure computers and networks isn’t an option. Zahrah Zarrick is a missionary teacher to Afghan children in Mazar-e Sharif. And a target. When Zahrah is captured because of her expertise in quantum cryptology, compromising the US military, Dean is forced to crack the lockbox around his heart a move that might come at the highest cost.

REVIEW: I’m thankful for the review copy of the audio book that dropped me into Afghanistan’s Taliban activity, with military team Raptor 6. Readers experience what they do on and off their missions. I liked how the narrator acted out this drama with different voices and excitement that enhanced the story.

This novel shows how some civilians are harassed by the Taliban, and what happens when they are captured and the things they endure in that captivity.

This story grabbed my attention right from the start. It’s believable and is Ronnie's most realistic book to date. I felt like I was one of the guys on the Raptor 6 team; it was as if I were in a military video game deployed to help in their mission. I was comforted to know they had my back.

The author gives readers a peek into what these Quiet Professionals do and how they risk their lives for their country and team members. We take for granted what others do for us daily so we can live free! This is a fast paced emotional read, with a splash of romance and a touch of humor for a great mix. It’s a book I couldn’t stop listening to (I read the audio book)

Captain Walters tells the troops, “Speed, surprise, violence of action – three principles necessary for successful engagement of any enemy in combat…Their mission is not so different from mine, from those I fight for and with on a daily basis – to act without hesitation and with fierce action so the enemy can be caught unaware...

The captain explains, “This is not about us…this is about freedom, about securing innocent lives. Doing violence on their behalf.”

This is the first book in the Quiet Professional series. Warning this book is not for the faint of heart. I’m glad I had the audio book on this one because I don’t think I would have read the book as quickly. There were some parts in the prison camp that were brutal and hard to think about someone actually being tortured like this author described. I’ve read all of this author’s book and this one seemed a little more violent in description than the others, but then again they are up against the Taliban.

Thanks to Ronnie Kendig for showing us what others go through daily so we can enjoy freedom on many levels.  I like how she naturally interweaves the faith message into this story. It’s believable and not preachy. This book makes for a good read and a great one for book club. It’s rich. You’ll have lively discussions I’m sure.

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