Vegan Ice Cream
By Jeff Rogers
Published by 10 Speed Press
ISBN# 978-0-60774-545-7
135 Pages

Back Cover: This revised edition of Vice Cream features more than 90 delicious ice cream recipes using all-vegan ingredients like nuts, dates, coconut milk, maple syrup, and fruit, plus recipes for raw vegan ice creams and sauces.

Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or following a dairy-free diet, you don’t have to miss out on one of the world’s favorite desserts. Although ice cream substitutes are available, none of them achieves the richness of the real thing or offers the breadth of delicious flavors—until now. Vegan Ice Cream offers decadent frozen alternatives that don’t rely on milk, cream, or refined white sugar. Instead, these luscious recipes use nut milks, fresh fruit, and natural sweeteners to create simple and inventive ice cream flavors, from old favorites like Chocolate Chip and Strawberry to exotic creations such as Pecan Pie, Pomegranate, Kiwi Mandarin, PiƱa Colada, Chai, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Gingersnap, and many more.

This fully revised edition now features more than 90 recipes, including raw vegan ice creams and sauces, and full-color photography throughout. From the very first taste, you’ll be astonished at just how tasty and rich vegan ice cream can be. So make room in your freezer, and never miss out on the joys of ice cream again.

REVIEW: I’m thankful for a review copy that helped me make the most wonderful tasting natural ice cream ever. This author is not a stranger to cooking in the kitchen. He’s worked in restaurants for years and has used his talents to create amazing ice cream. In his quest to improve his health he eventually became a vegan, avoiding all animal products. After he changed is way of eating “he craved the premium dairy creams he once ate… using his kitchen gifts to experiment with creating a rich gourmet vegan ice cream.” Because he created decadent desserts he was nick named “The Naughty Vegan”. He has a website by the same name.

“These luscious recipes use nut milk, fresh fruit, and natural sweeteners to create simple and inventive ice cream flavors. He starts with the basic flavors chocolate, strawberry and then more creative flavors after that.” There are beautiful color pictures inside too. I liked reading this authors journey as to how he created these yummy ice cream dishes. I appreciate that he talked about some important items before he plunged the reader into the recipes. He talks about sweeteners that can be used instead of the one he lists in the recipe. He educates the reader on extracts, chocolate chips, coconut milk and how to make it, apricot kernels, coconut water, coconut toasted, durian, ginger juice, nut milks, how to pick out a good ice cream maker and so much more.

I made chocolate, banana, chocolate chip mint, fig and coconut avocado ice cream. I was surprised at how easy they were to make. The ingredients were easy to find, and the ice cream texture was just like the real deal. The taste was luscious. My husband and family loved it. The author tells readers to eat it right after it’s made for the best taste. There is a note to reader, “Vegan ice cream tends to freeze fairly hard. It tastes best when softened a bit.” He gives the best ways to soften and eat after it’s been frozen overnight. I found this helpful.

I felt great at the fact I could make a healthy rich ice cream from natural and fresh ingredients and not have the after “dairy” ice cream drama my body goes through because of my issues with milk. It was exciting.

The main ingredient in most of the recipes call for cashew nuts. They are not cheap I found them for $13.99 a pound. Each recipe calls for about one and a half to one and three fourths cup of cashews for each recipe. This isn’t bad for what you are getting. After all dessert is a treat and not something you eat every day. I feel it is well worth the splurge. On the other hand I chose to forgo the spirulina powder when I made the chocolate chip mint ice cream. The author explained there was no natural ingredient to make ice cream green in color. He suggests using spirulina power; it’s a super food, great for your overall health and will make your ice cream green in color. It’s a great health food bonus. The recipes usually call for 1 to ½ teaspoon full. Here’s the problem I had. The bottle which maybe fit in the palm of my hand cost $20.00. Great for what you are getting but I only wanted to have the ice cream be green. I used the alternative that wasn’t all natural; green food coloring. I used four drops and it was a perfect green. I’ll try the spirulina power when it’s on sale. But the color was beautiful and it tasted great.

The author loves sharing this healthy alternative to dairy ice cream. It’s become part of his life’s work. I’m thrilled he has shared his passion in this inspiring book with great tasting ice cream that is simple to make. Another bonus is the fact the author gave readers variations on the basic recipe for more flavors to try. I’m excited to know I could make all these ice creams that are natural, fresh with rich flavor! I love this book. My family loved the ice cream. You will too!

Nora St Laurent
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